Monday, February 3, 2014

Country Living/Corbin Bernsen's California Home

My cousin Christy and I were antique hunting at our local flea market when she laid eyes on several vintage pendants just like the three seen in this stunning kitchen below.  She asked me,  “Have you seen Februarys 2013 issue of Country Living?”  I replied,  “No, I must have missed it.” If I had seen it,  I certainly would have remembered every bit of it!!!!

Actors Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays took a hands-on approach to renovating and decorating their Southern California home, instilling personality through architectural salvage and vintage bargains.  Country Living magazine describes the inspiration behind many of their fabulous ideas.

Come on along,  I’m anxious to share these with you . . . .

Max Kim-Bee

Amanda gets full credit for reimagining this property's covered patio area as a sprawling, raftered kitchen. It is, in her husband's proud estimation, "the heart of the home." He's right. The kitchen serves as the hub from which the house's layout, and its aesthetic, flows. In this room, reclaimed barn wood bumps against stainless steel, and an antique mahogany table mingles with midcentury metal school chairs. The backsplash of Moroccan tiles hints at the family's exotic travels, while Amanda's British upbringing reveals itself in ceramics gathered during European vacations. She painted the graphic lemon artwork herself.



Max Kim-Bee

Kitchen cabinets are clad in reclaimed barn wood and topped with poured-concrete counters. A stainless steel worktable provides extra prep and storage space. Shelves of cast-off scaffolding flank the backsplash. The Kenmore refrigerator and Jenn-Air stove are from Sears.

Max Kim-Bee

Another philosophy Corbin and Amanda share? The virtue of thrift. "We love scouring flea markets and garage sales," she reveals, giddily recounting their best bargains: a vintage wicker rocker for $40, the living room's swap-meet Chesterfield sofa reupholstered with Ikea linen, even the kitchen's drawer pulls. "Twenty-five dollars for the bag of 50!" she crows.

The living room speaks to me. Especially the scale of this large oil portrait,  with its muted palette. The casualness of the authentic grain sack pillows.

Amanda painted the wooden Moroccan settee with basic gray primer and found the Berber rug in Marrakech. The large oil portrait is by contemporary Scottish painter Peter White; the oak-and-steel coffee table rails from H.D. Buttercup.

Living Room

Max Kim-Bee

Digby poses next to a table fashioned from French marble and steel. The pouf is by Dosa, and the British landscape was a gift. The wood floors are painted Gray Timber Wolf by Benjamin Moore.

Love this elegant brass lantern placed unexpectedly above the console.

Turn a hurricane into an electrified lantern with a swag-lamp kit.


Max Kim-Bee

Amanda transformed an old wooden box into a hardworking hamper by installing separate his 'n' hers baskets.

Notice the wall behind the hamper,   two-tone painted walls mimic the look of wainscoting, for less.  The walls are painted Horizon Gray by Benjamin Moore.


Max Kim-Bee

The master bathroom's sink console incorporates the same concrete and salvaged wood as the kitchen counter and cabinets. A metal funnel makes a cool industrial lampshade.


Max Kim-Bee

"This house is a combination of the trips we've taken and the experiences we've had," Amanda says. "It's the evolution of Corbin and me for the last 24 years."
Corbin and Amanda join sons (from left) Angus, Finley, Henry, and Oliver in the backyard. Corbin built the benches; his brother, Collin, made the matching table.



Max Kim-Bee

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

European Lavabo

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Do you like early 19th-century antiques? I’m a huge fan!  Come to find out I’m not alone!  The elegant basin seen below is a French lavabo.  These European beauties made of heavy cast iron,  are highly sought after.  They once hung in Roman Catholic churches for the ceremonial rinsing of the hands. This lavabo was styled and photographed by Melinda Reyes.  She has a lovely blog,  I just love her style.   She choose to style her lavabo with old books and soft linens,  rustic elements. Absolutely Stunning, isn’t it?  Each of these basins have their own identity, and different look to them.

This is how the lavabo looks inside.  There is a small cluster of holes that allow the water to drain out.

Here is another one with vibrant purple flowers,  used outside.  The possibilities are endless with these old basins.  For example,  you could repurpose into a charming fountain,  perhaps using a vintage spigot as your water source up top. I’ve also seen them hung on bathroom wall,  filled with white towels.

SALE   100.00 off Antique french courtyard wall sink garden wall fountain  cast iron wall sink french wall sink lavabo

What’s old reeeally can become new again.

There is a certain charm to this 19th century antique lavabo.  I purchased this one at the Rose Bowl while out on one of my antique hunting mornings.  I like the white chippy weathered paint and heavy iron look.  I love to style using unexpected elements,  I wrapped an antler around the front of the basin,  so that it looks as if its growing from behind. Then clustered three large pillar candles of different heights inside. Finished it off with “my fav” dried pussy willow. You like???

lava 010

This one is available in my Etsy shop,  What is your vision for this charming old French antique???

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Monday, January 13, 2014

19TH C French Chair

I was recently contacted by One Kings Lane to share my thoughts about a favorite statement chair from our home. It surprises me when I’m in conversation with friends and they haven’t heard of One Kings Lane? Wow!  If you haven’t stopped to visit their amazing site,  you can read about them here

I chose this old world 19thC French chair.  When I found the chair it was a torn and tattered mess.  You would think,   I would have thought to take a before picture, NOT!   The 19thC chair is now newly upholstered with a sand color Belgian Linen.   This gives me the versatility to accessorize with color and pattern,  if I chose to do so.

v living room 018


I love the classic look of neutrals on our upholstered pieces.

v living room 016


   I was especially attracted to its unique antique oak finish and oversized profile.

v living room 015

A very dear friend of mine,  Jennifer gave me this lovely 1956 grain sack.  When she showed it to me I wasn’t really too sure about this antique sack with it’s worn fabric and weathered look?  However,  one day it opened me up to something that I didn’t realize.  These imported sacks have become highly coveted.   I washed it to give it that soft feeling,  and made it into a pillow.   Now It’s one of my favorite pillow in our living room.

v living room 025

My husband and I love to repurpose antiques and vintage finds.  Some of our finds do look pretty battered,  I guess the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What’s old can become new again.

v living room 021

This stylish old world chair reflects my personal style.  I feel the beauty of a room comes with being pared down.

s chair 004

I selected larger sized antique nail heads,  spaced 1” apart. You like??

statement chair 021

Do you have questions about purchasing and reupholstering the perfect statement chair?  One Kings Lane has cleverly put together a resource page for home décor enthusiasts like us!

Are you curious about a special furniture piece that you have? Visit One Kings Lane  Home Décor Resource center.  You can find a lot of helpful insight such as:  Which era is your furniture from,  etc.

For general questions, please write to me at