Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Kitchen Redesign part II

So let’s get caught up folks - before our kitchen island redesign,  our island previously had a lot of painted drywall and not much pizzazz.  Today I will reveal our ( just about) finished island.  If you would like to get caught up even more.  Please visit my previous posts on our kitchen redesign part I here,  and renovation hammer here.

(kitchen island before)

kitchen island 12 24 007

Our home is still very much a work-in-progress. Luckily one of my favorite color combinations is black and white.  Since it’s not in the budget to replace our existing cabinets,  they will remain a timeless clean white.  Our island will be a elegant smokey black! Robert will give our existing cabinets a fresh look.  Using larger crown moldings along the top,  and enclose the space above cabinets for a continues line up to the ceiling. At a later date we’ll change out the stone on the island, and buy a few more stainless appliances to finish off this room.

We accented the island with inexpensive beadboard, casings, and paint Ralph Lauren’s “Black Truffle” smokey black paint.

( newly finished island )

 finished island 001

Finished side profile with new coordinated electrical outlet.

finished island 011

We plan to remove the existing cabinet above the stove,  modify the two cabinets on either side to half the size that they are currently.   This will give us ample storage, stretching the space above the stove area visually, and leave plenty of room for our new hood and vintage subway tile backsplash. I can’t wait to say “bah bye” to our current travertine backsplash. Sorry about the blurry photos friends, our travertine floor really isn’t pink,  although it looks like it is! :-)

(kitchen below waiting for decor changes)

via aurora kitchen before 017

More on our dining room reno soon.

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  1. Your shop is fabulous and many thanks for the
    adorable burlap bunny giveaway...

  2. You started with great...hard to improve on it, but looks wonderful..love that bead board

  3. Can hardly wait to see what you do over your stove and to the cabinets on either side. I've been trying to work out the same configuration in my mind for my own kitchen.

  4. Love your sense of style... I love black and white!


  5. Hi Laurie, The island turned out fabulous! I love your idea for the stove hood and I know it will be wonderful.
    xo, Sherry

  6. Hi Laurie!

    Thank you so much for the Bunny giveaway that you are sharing via Jennifer at The Old Painted Cottage.

    I love your decorating style! I am signing up to receive your blog via email. Thanks!

  7. What a great Etsy shop, so inspiring! I'm glad Jennifer at The Old Painted Cottage shared your link!

    I love bunnies!

  8. Just became a follower. Thanks for the bunny giveaway! So glad to have found you!

  9. Forgot to mention I signed up for your email.. Thanks again

  10. Your ONE LONELY BURLAP BUNNY giveaway at OPC caught my attention and WOW . . . so has your BEAUTIFUL INSPIRATIONAL BLOG! I'm all set to be kept up to date by following you through Bloglovin and I look forward to seeing what's coming next! Maybe a cute little bunny will be hopping my way!

  11. What a difference a little beadboard and paint can do to a center island of drywall :)
    Its is amazing Laurie.

    I am excited to see what next you create!

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  13. That was an eye catching kitchen counter-top and organized kitchen cabinetry.

  14. Judging from this picture, the kitchen counter top looks sturdy, did you used marble or granite?

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