Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Architectural Salvage and a winner!

The real key to a good design is to introduce the unexpected.  I always rely on architectural salvage to pull this off! Take a look at a few of these gorgeous antiques, enjoy . . .




Massive Ha??? Not really sure what it is,  but very intrigued by it’s size and aged patina color!!!


Congratulations to Tracy Fisher IN,

She is the lucky gal who snagged one of my hand knotted burlap table runners!!!!

single layer burlap table runner

Photo courtesy of A Country Farmhouse


In closing, I would like to share one of my Grandfather’s favorite sayings

“ Everything in moderation including moderation!”




  1. You know how much I love me some antiques! Some great images here. I especially loved the colleciton of tall glass cloches...hubba hubba!

    Hey, I think I missed a call from battery on my cell just died and it's charging, so I can't call you back. Everything okay?


  2. Wow, I agree with Jennifer. Those tall glass cloches against what looks like a zinc topped table is a beautiful vignette. Gorgeous.
    Pamela Jo

  3. Hey MISSY...I'm really missing you girl!!! Where have you been...I love this it ALL! I do have to agree with the others above tho...that glass cloche with the old books~sigh~love~
    Can't wait to C you again!

  4. Just divine, perfect flea market brocante photo's over here,
    congrats to Tracy you have a beautiful win a burlap runner to love.

    PS Laurie have you found your center island lanterns yet, I am still waiting for you to find me some too :)


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