Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas & warm Holiday greetings to all blog friends! ..

I’ve always had such a big interest in decorating, especially for the holidays. I thoroughly enjoy it, so when my parents called on me a few days before Christmas to decorate their home for the season. I jumped on it! I decided to make the living room mantle the focal point of their holiday decor, it greets visitors, and is also where our family will gather for the Holidays.

Barr holiday mantel 039

Okay now comes the fun part. Yep, I kind of figured you would want to know some of the dets of how I achieved this look.

I used two oversized garlands, one at the top above the mirror and one on the mantle. The next step might make you a little squeamish, to hang the upper garland you will have to use two picture hanger hooks in. Yep, you will have to make a few small holes in the wall. The holes will have to be patched after Christmas. Come on folks you can do it, that’s what spackle was created. The lower garland you can secure with nails underneath the wooden mantle. That’s one of Mom’s crafty tricks!

The garlands aren't the skimpy kind you see at Target and WalMart, oooh no, these bad boys are densely thick and come with a hefty price tag. You can purchase them at specialty Christmas stores. I bought these the day after Christmas for half price, and have used them many times over the years. My clients often rent them for the holidays. I used a combination of fresh Noble branches mixed in with the artificial garland.

Barr holiday mantel 046

She chose a burgundy & gold color palette. I used this magnificent velvet fabric on both ends of the mantel, I allowed it to cascade to the floor in a puddle.

Barr holiday mantel 019

I placed this elegant angel mom purchased at Home Goods, in the center to be the crowning gem. We love Home Goods!!! I placed the angle on a pedestal to make her appear airborne!

Barr holiday mantel 041

Sorry about the blurry photos folks.

Barr holiday mantel 032

Barr holiday mantel 026

I mingled curly willow and birds (mom’s favorite) throughout. We call all birds rippers, not sure why, we just do. lol

Barr holiday mantel 023

I used 20 yards of burgundy velvet wired ribbon.

Barr holiday mantel 029

( before)

Barr Thanksgiving centerpiece 052


Barr holiday mantel 039

Wishing you all a very blessed and Merry Christmas!! Have a wonderful
day and enjoy!



  1. Beautiful and yes you are so right.. this is not a budget friendly task... I was a florist for 30 years and the silks are lovely with the the fabric and wired ribbon... Also very expensive... It is wonderful when you have expensive materials to work with but also very much fun when you can stretch it on a shoestring... Of course I can do both quite well but since retirement have learned to do the zero dollar thing... Blessings and happy decorting...

  2. Merry Christmas beautiful laurie, and love the mantel filled with holiday beauty, the room looks amazing.

  3. Mary Christmas every one and i thing all of you had a great Christmas and happy new year all of the world thanks for sharing this great post.

  4. Very beautiful.You seem to have a very good taste for decoration.I would really appreciate it if you share some tips on home decoration within limited budget.

  5. Hi Laurie, Did you contact me recently regarding decorating on a budget?

  6. Mary Christmas to every one and i think all of you had a great Christmas and happy new year.

  7. I must say that you did a great job! I'm sure your visitors would love the scene and ambiance you created for the Yuletide season. May you and your family have a great time in that setting this Christmas! Have a happy holidays!

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  9. That's a very wonderful, elegant and with the touch of uniqueness in your decorations. It's a total package. Thanks for sharing your ideas and let me greet you a warm and best holiday season ever! Happy Holidays!

    Anne Walker
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  10. That is what you call elegance and class. I love the greeneries, partnered with those golden, almost copper colored, ornaments. Totally beautiful. This year, we will go for white Christmas, wish us luck :) My best Christmas wishes to you and to your loved ones. Have a happy holiday!


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