Friday, November 11, 2011

Something to Crow about.!!

W’sup ??? smee . . . Longtime no talk . . . .

Last year in November I contacted the editor of Romantic Country. I submitted a few images from my handmade Holiday collection, and I have some verrryy exciting news to share. I am just smitten to have been chosen as a Favorite Find in the Winter issue 2011, and my items are featured along with an incredible talented group of women.

pdf romantic country

Would it be too boastful to share ?

(I can't help myself; I am going to anyway!)

romantic country

Here are a few of the nifty images Jennifer(“ lv you”) at The Old Painted Cottage took of my collection.

floral stockings2

Mom and I fell in love with the vintage rosette appliqués in this collection, each has elements of the other. Our rustic burlap stockings can hang on a chair back, bed post, door knob, on the front of a chest, or even a banister.. To see my Holiday store you can go here.

floral stockings1

The two stockings featured (on the left of the photo) are off-white matelasse cuffs, one with a sheer rosette appliqué and the other with sheer rose trim around the cuffs edge. The last stocking (on the right) is a soft off-white linen cuff with ruffle & sheer rosette appliqué. They all have a natural burlap boot.

floral stockings3

As a finishing touch we wrap gorgeous sheer rosette trim all the way around,  and down the back edges of the cuff.

holiday stockings 015

We mix organic burlap with time-worn favorite fabric’s and trims.

I love bringing vintage inspired grain sack elements into my holiday decor. I styled Jennifer’s vintage inspired bedroom with one of my charming linen grain sack pillows and a Itsy evergreen Christmas tree.

floral stockings6


Meet the Bella Inspirations designers . . .


Yep . . . mother daughter duo, that’s mee on the left, and mom on the right. All our items are meticulously inspected by mom’s trained artisan eyes. Oye!

Happy Weekend everyone!



  1. OMG Laurie - that is fantastic! You and your mom must be SO proud - Congrats!!!
    The burlap stockings with the rosettes are gorg!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you do!
    ps - great pic of the two of you :)

  2. Beautiful this work .....
    and congratulations on the paper .....
    I will run to buy it .....
    You were very good

  3. Congrats Laurie! The stockings are beautiful and I love the picture the magazine used. I know you must be thrilled.

  4. Good girl! You've done it again....

    XOXO, Kim Kelly

  5. LOVE the frills! did you make or buy the fabric flowers? (i know, prob a useless ? - just wanna know!). Esther from fleurcottage

  6. Congrats Laurie, I swa your feature in R/C magazine and was like HEY!!! I know her :)

    IT is all so beauitful over here, and by the way when we are looking at our computer screen you are on our left and your Mom is on the right!! you placed yourself on the right :) in any case you look beautiful and your Mom looks just like you.
    Have an inspiring week.

  7. Laurie, how exciting on Romantic Home! Those stockings are just lovely and so is your mom! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I stopped posting on it last year but must get back to it. Happy Thanksgiving too!

  8. Laurie, Congratulations on your selection for the magazine. I'm your newest follower and hope you visit and follow me, too. Thanks for sharing your great news with us! Helen

  9. Hi Laurie,
    Congrats on the article. You deserve it your creations are beautiful! Hope to see you soon!

  10. HI laurie
    I am just checking in on you to see how you are and what you are up to :)
    Talk with you soon, O and I just left Kims beautiful GiveAway her burlap pillows are just wonderfully divine :)

  11. Can't wait til the old painted cottage giveaway! I want it all!!!

  12. I found your stockings on pintrest and now I am your newest follower! I love your site! Feel free to come visit me at Rustic Cottage Interiors! Happy Holidays!


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