Friday, November 11, 2011

Something to Crow about.!!

W’sup ??? smee . . . Longtime no talk . . . .

Last year in November I contacted the editor of Romantic Country. I submitted a few images from my handmade Holiday collection, and I have some verrryy exciting news to share. I am just smitten to have been chosen as a Favorite Find in the Winter issue 2011, and my items are featured along with an incredible talented group of women.

pdf romantic country

Would it be too boastful to share ?

(I can't help myself; I am going to anyway!)

romantic country

Here are a few of the nifty images Jennifer(“ lv you”) at The Old Painted Cottage took of my collection.

floral stockings2

Mom and I fell in love with the vintage rosette appliqués in this collection, each has elements of the other. Our rustic burlap stockings can hang on a chair back, bed post, door knob, on the front of a chest, or even a banister.. To see my Holiday store you can go here.

floral stockings1

The two stockings featured (on the left of the photo) are off-white matelasse cuffs, one with a sheer rosette appliqué and the other with sheer rose trim around the cuffs edge. The last stocking (on the right) is a soft off-white linen cuff with ruffle & sheer rosette appliqué. They all have a natural burlap boot.

floral stockings3

As a finishing touch we wrap gorgeous sheer rosette trim all the way around,  and down the back edges of the cuff.

holiday stockings 015

We mix organic burlap with time-worn favorite fabric’s and trims.

I love bringing vintage inspired grain sack elements into my holiday decor. I styled Jennifer’s vintage inspired bedroom with one of my charming linen grain sack pillows and a Itsy evergreen Christmas tree.

floral stockings6


Meet the Bella Inspirations designers . . .


Yep . . . mother daughter duo, that’s mee on the left, and mom on the right. All our items are meticulously inspected by mom’s trained artisan eyes. Oye!

Happy Weekend everyone!