Monday, October 10, 2011

Provencal-Style Slipcover

Perhaps you folks might remember Melissa, my dear friend and neighbor.  She is still in the process of  pulling off the vanishing act with a lot of her furniture that has become outdated. Since she knows I'm always up for a good repurpose project,  she asked if I would like her 1990’s style love seat?

miss love seat bf

Since that day I had been reading Veranda Magazine May-June issue.  Designer Pamela Pierce had done a magnificent interior reconstruction. This fabulous room really speaks for itself, outstanding color palette with French textiles and linens, antique stone walls, reclaimed limestone flooring. This room calling out to me with a soft place for my eyes to land.

Veranda Magazine 2011


As a textile and interior designer, I was especially intrigued by the outstanding generously cut linen slipcovers! This was the first time I had seen a ruffle placed on the outside of the slipcover seam,  as opposed to sewn inside the seam. My insane though and vision was,  I’d like to try and make this slipcover sometime. So when my neighbor offered her loveseat,  I thought,  oh that’s just the perfect piece to practice my newly found Old World look!


My next task was to figure out a way to give this older piece a new lease on life. Since enormous rolled arms are a thing of the past they would have be modified,  hmph . . .

YAY another new project! :-)

 miss love seat bf

As you can see I made quite a few design changes, I fashioned this hand-me-down love seat with Giorgio Armani 100% Italian linen. That I snagged downtown wholesale for $16.00 per yard. “No one will ever know that it’s not from France.” I used down back pillows and one long  8” thick seat cushion,  instead of two cushions for a newer look,  artfully modified the arms,  to a more functional size,


and added this feminine inspired ruffle,  for a true vintage feel.


Come on folks let’s be real, this loveseat has a very specific look and would only appeal to a certain client and decor. It really doesn't match my decor style. So everyone confusedly asked, “Laurie, what are you going to do with it?” Not really sure myself, but passionately wanting to bask in it’s beauty for a while,  maybe a day. lol I took the custom designed French loveseat to our local antique mall and sold it, romantically skirted ruffle on the floor and all! :-)



Next time I think I’ll slipcover an itsy foot stool, this was quite an undertaking.  It took some patience. But it was worth it!


Just wanted to let you folks know I am receiving your comments,  even though there not showing up. I’m having a blogger issue,  hopefully will be fixed today.


  1. Hi Laurie,
    I was looking for just such an idea for an old loveseat I have stashed in my garage - thx for the inspraton. This would be perfect for our master bedroom. Love the color, fabric, and that oversize ruffle. Sara J.

  2. Hi Laurie, That sure looks better. Can not wait to see the rest of the make over. Pam Pierce is one of my favorites.

  3. Such an amazing transformation. You are a miracle worker, my dear!

    PS - I think your Blogger issues are resolved!


  4. That turned out beautifully, Laurie! I can see why it sold so are very talented!!

  5. Laurie,
    It is now a sofa to love :)

    It is really taking on the feel of the inspiration room of Veranda!
    I too love this time worn feel of limestone washed walls and a natural tone on tone with furniture pieces.

    You did a fabulous job girl on the slip!

    By the way your last post mentioning me in it was a real surprise and I was so honored to be a part of what inspires you. I left a message 2 times and blogger was acting up and it would not take my comment.
    What I want to also say in the last comment is what a doll of a husband (Handsome one) the two of you are like the shabby flea market chic...
    "Ken and Barbie"
    If they fashioned new barbies the two of you could be there models of course the barbie dream house would be Shabby Flea Market Chic :))

    Keep inspiring your friends home keeping us posted on the finished look!

  6. Amazing transformation!!!

  7. I saw a similar slipcover look in another magazine and would love to do it on my set as well, but I like how you tapered the arms, mine aren't as wide as what you had but I would still like to tone mine down a bit. Figure out how to do that. THanks for the inspiration

  8. Laurie, I wanted to let you know that I loved this transformation so much that I posted it to my blog as an inspiration for me!


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