Sunday, October 23, 2011

Malibu Master Bedroom Retreat

My brother and Lisa are  sporty, active,  on-the-go types. During the day, Lisa is a busy sales representative and real estate agent. Jim is a United Parcel “lifer" (and former real estate developer).  In their spare time,  the two often play golf ( Rumor has it,  they’re going to tie the knot soon! Yay!) Oh,   and did I mention Jim surfs daily before work. Needless to say,  they don’t have much time to relax.


They recently relocated into a contemporary style home in Malibu, CA. But when it came to designing  their master bedroom . . . Lisa knew she wanted a relaxing retreat where they could unwind after a long day.  So to start the update they purchased  two velvet espresso colored drapery panels (seen to the back of the photo)  at Cost Plus World Market. As we all know, one thing started in design always leads to the next,  if you know what I mean ???

Sorry about the photo folks,  I know it’s hard to see the panels. :-(



They fell in love with their stylish new drapery panels ($40.00 each), now the smaller window above the bed seemed awkward and cold.  To tie two windows together in this space, we discussed several possible options. Finally settling on a slender cornice, repeating the espresso colored  fabric, with nice large brass nail details to highlight this bad boy!

Now we just had to enlist Jim to build it and hang it, Oye!!

sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 012

The cornice was built using 1/4” plywood and 1” x  2” backing for support ( $20.00.) He used spray adhesive as the glue to hold the batting in place,  then stapled a third drapery panel on top and around the sides of the cornice. 

sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 013

An attractive custom cornice like this could cost you a quite few bucks.

They used brass nail head details ( $40.00) for the real WOW factor – and created a gorgeous cornice,  all done on a budget!

 sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 011

Simple and tastefully done,  it really enhances the space don’t you think? 

Seen below is one of our lumbar French design pillows,  you can go here to take a better look at our full Bella Inspirations  collection.

After . . .

sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 015

A  restful refuge for two.



  1. The cornice is a great idea. Looks fabulous and the room is amazing. Love the pillows too. Hugs, Marty

  2. Great idea, Laurie! It looks so much more balanced now.


  3. Just goes to show you how one element can transform a room. Looks great!

  4. Hi Laurie,
    What a perfect couple and beauty is so on your side with your family genes.

    love that you shared there peaceful place they rest :)

    Have a beautiful week Laurie. come visit soon.

  5. Laurie, This is such a great solution for a difficult window. It looks wonderful!
    xo, Sherry

  6. Hi Laurie,
    I am in the process of making a farm table and wanted to add the zinc top and was wondering where to find the zinc. I did a google search and your blog popped up. So if I find nothing else I have found a great blog!!
    Hope you can help me out. Thanks

  7. Laurie, haven't posted in a while but I can see you are still working your magaic! What a dramatic impact in a small space. I can hear you saying bigger is better! The small scale window looks so much better with this larger scale window treatment. As always great job! I was so excited to see you in print! You deserve it! Now lets see some magic for Christmas.

  8. Hi Laurie,
    Returning to say hi, and checking up on you and your creating!! Painting in shades of grey and black ")



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