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How to build a zinc top table?

Have you heard about all the industrial vibe decor going on these days?   A few months ago while I was shopping at our local flea market, I stumbled across four hand craved solid wood legs formerly attached to a table. Hummmm . . . .  although they were heavily varnished and stained with cherry wood color,    I concocted a design in my head, and purchased them for $20.00! 

Now I just had to convey the idea I’ve concocted to my master carpenter & loving husband. Ya know,  kinda get him excited about this idea, too,   if that was at all possible? lol Unfortunately folks, I neglected to take any before photos. You have my promise on the next one,  scout’s honor!

france stool 009

I asked Robert if he would take the reclaimed legs to his sandblaster. grumble grumble . . . . PLEEEEASE . . . . . more grumbles anything for you honey!     Once they were sandblasted it really got the ball rolling. He could see the amazing potential in the distressed salvaged wood legs. YAY  He built the table sides by attaching 1” x 4” pine lumber,  and the console top with 1” x 18” pine lumber,  that will be covered with our new zinc top.  I will later stain the side panels  to match the balusters natural antique finish.


Zinc top:  Since this was our first time working with raw metal,  I turned to the internet. I learned zinc is really just raw sheet metal that has oxidized. Okay this isn’t rocket science . . . .  The net recommended 1/16th” gauge metal. Well um . . . lets just say this . . . We could have built an airplane with this metal,  it’s as solid as a Boeing 747  :-).  The raw sheet metal console top  $75.00 big ones! The fabrication $75.00 bigger ones!                                                                  


france stool 013

Next time we’ll choose a much lighter metal for a table surface. To seal the industrial antique zinc top,  we used a wipe on ( love it) clear MATTE polyurethane. Robert attached the zinc top and  finished off the corners with industrial concrete nails. I purchased four old caster wheels from EBay for a truly vintage look!

france stool 015

After we moved our new console inside,  I decided to play with my new toy!!!! YAY

 silvercrest pumpkins vel 064

Since it’s October,  I gathered a few things I had around the house,  gourds, velvet pumpkins, curly raffia,  vintage lantern, wire bird cage, and more flea market balusters that I will use on another project later. :-)

silvercrest pumpkins vel 058 

Our handcrafted console really complements the chunky carved rococo mirror in our dining room.

Wouldn’t this make a DYNAMITE center island in a kitchen!!!

silvercrest pumpkins vel 059

I used this tall lantern filled with curly raffia and velvet pumpkins.  It provides balance for the wire bird cages height.

silvercrest pumpkins vel 063


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  1. Laurie, The table is gorgeous!! The legs are really pretty and your husband did such a good job with the base. Love the zinc top!

  2. What a wonderful table...I love the look the sandblasting gave the legs and the top is gorgeous! I am a new follower!

  3. Looks great! Love the zinc topper!

  4. Wow, your eye was so right on! You saw the potential and that is what re purposing and recreating is all about. This turned out fabulous! Love it and love that your hubby gave into your yearning and created such a beautiful piece. I'd love to do something like this for a dining table some day. Love this brilliant treasure you created.

  5. Love the vision you have Laurie! The legs looks so amazing after sandblasting and you know i love the zink top. Bob is the best honey do! xoxo

  6. Laurie, I love your table! It is just perfection. That is exactly what I have been wanting to do to my kitchen table which has seen better days. Can you share with me where you found the zinc and how you went about having it fabricated and what sealer you used? I am crazy in love with those legs on your table!

  7. Hi Laurie. Love it. Who did you use to fabricate?

  8. Hi Laurie. Love it. Who did you use to fabricate?

  9. How do you bend the edges and get a clean edge?

  10. Same question as above. How do you go about finding the zinc and getting it fabricated for a table top? I have been wanting to make a zinc topped table for my studio space and the old ones are SO pricey.


  11. To bend the edges you have to have a sheet metal shop do it for you. They have a machine.


  12. what wipe on matte finish did you use? LooKs great : )

  13. Oh my LOVE! Amazing! I just found a crate I want to top with zinc. Thanks for all the tips.

  14. Ohh I just found your post! I'm trying to make a zinc table top for my dining room table. Where oh Where did you find the metal online? And what would you recommend we use??

  15. Laurie, I am in literally in the process of topping my kitchen island with zinc, and read your post to see what you did to finish the zinc surface. Gorgeous project! I hope mine turns out as nicely..... the zinc for my project is in the garage as I write this, bonding to the top of an antique cabinet. The cabinet is for extra pantry storage, and the zinc top will be a work-surface for the island. Thanks for the inspiration! Lenora

  16. To answer some previous posts, I am going to bend the edges of my zinc tabletop with a rubber mallet. I don't think a metal shop machine is necessary. I've seen posts of this process done very sucessfully as a DIY project.

  17. I have just been visiting the site. They sell and ship zinc sheets, and have some great instruction videos for the DIY crowd.

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