Friday, October 7, 2011

French Inspired Cabinet

 My friend Dore at Burlap Luxe is an outstanding artist and author. Through her blog I have been inspired in so many ways! Now let’s just say I’ve refinished furniture before,  but always tried to make it look new. Dore expresses herself through her outstanding distressed works of art,  she calls “French inspired.” Very excited to try this new aging technique,  I decided to start small and move up to bigger pieces later.

French inspired 001

I snagged this itsy cabinet at a yard sale for $15.00 ( isn’t she sweet?) I  immediately took a few snapshots and sent them off to Dore. I knew the wheels had to go,  and she recommended removing all the drawers and cabinet door. . . . Yikes . . . Pump the brakes . . . . . . This would leave just it’s shell? Only a little reluctant,  I gutted this!

French inspired 002

I’m super stoked, and ready to do this thing!


French inspired 003

Once the cabinet was gutted,  I decided in addition to our cabinet having a French vibe,  why not throw a little industrial vibe into the mix? :-)

Now that were so knowledgeable with zinc . . NOT!

sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 004

A few things you will need are,  clamps, mallet, tin snips, large T-square, gloves,  and a willing hubby. Oye!

sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 006

Mark your raw sheet metal with a t-square first. So, that means we’ll have two marks. One mark for the cutting and one for the bending. Were going to wrap ours down onto the lip of the cabinet top. 

sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 007


sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 009

“Come on honey, can we do this a little faster? It’s taking forever!!” He responded, “slow your roll there hot shot.”

  sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 008

Carefully snip your corners at a 45 degree angle,  and bend one side of the snipped corner under.

sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 005 

Use clamps to secure metal top while bending around cabinet top.

sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 002

sugar's master burlap ribbon stockings 001

Robert taking five before I spring the next project on him . . . . :-)


Dore, thank you for inspiring and motivating me to try something new.  I am grateful to have you as my new blog friend! I can’t wait to start the painting process!



  1. Laurie, Great find and I love what you did to it. Great idea.

  2. Now if I could only clone your darling husband, I would LOVE the zinc top on at least three items I own! Oh well, I'm off in earch of a local handyman. Keep us updated on this great project.

  3. Laurie ... thanks for sharing this technique ... beautiful creation ... hugs for Bob!!

  4. Thanks for offering the lovely giveaway, I hope I win!!!

  5. These are one of the most beautiful giveaways. I love the simplicity and the "old world" feel of these items.

  6. All righty, here's my comment (I just commented on TheOldPaintedCottage)! Laurie, love your work! Would you mind sharing where you get your burlap fabric? The stuff at JoAnns somehow doesn't compare to what I see on your site. Thank you!


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