Tuesday, October 11, 2011

French Inspired Cabinet Reveal

Good morning, Hope everyone had a great Monday. Mine was actually quite nice, and really relaxing. Had time to take nice long walk, enjoy beautiful weather,etc....so it was a good one.

  I am so thrilled to present my newly styled sun-washed,  slightly distressed patina treasure.  What a show off I am, lol?

 finished cabinet sq table birds nest 035_crop

I love finishes made from nature,  rather than something that has a high lacquer finish.

finished cabinet sq table birds nest 034

finished cabinet sq table birds nest 039

I had some fun with this project and can’t wait to try my new faux painting technique on another piece!

finished cabinet sq table birds nest 033    


side view 002

To finish off my project,  I’ll be on the look out for one of these old ladders :-) to give my little cabinet a more substantial base trim.  Wonder where I got this idea?

Who would have known this itsy cabinet had such a hidden charm!


French inspired 001


It’s now a functioning storage cabinet filled with a vintage wire basket and wound bundles of burlap and cloth.  Which emphasized all of its vintage beauty.


 finished cabinet sq table birds nest 035_crop

Dore Callaway at Burlapluxe.blogspot.com

The super talented blogger extraordinaire and my sweet friend,  has an affinity for rural French style.  Her fitting design philosophy is to recycle and restyle found objects of desire.  Ultimately,  they find their way into the hands of a new place to rest. She is an artist in trompe l'oeil and faux painting.  Her free spirit allows her to paint in her imagination with a dramatic artful passion for European flea market style. Her favorite time of any day is to be able to fit in time to create.

Her designs are natural and organic,  and they reflect the textures,  patterns,  silhouettes,  and finishes of her stunning artwork.  I heart her faded grey palette it truly inspires me!

If you want to shop for some of her handiwork,  visit Burlap Luxe Etsy Shop. I cannot recommend it enough! You won't regret it.

Her uncomplicated designs are all hand done.

Lastly, for any of you folks who are interested in more painting fun,  have you tried working with  milk paint yet?



  1. Your cabinet turned out fabulous my friend!


  2. Wow, I love the way the cabinet turned out. Great job Laurie!! xo

  3. It looks great Laurie!!
    I could not have done it better :)
    I think your piece and my piece need to be in the same shop! they would really look great together.

    Thank you for featuring me in your post, You knew exactly what to do with this piece you just needed a little push in the right direction!
    Loving how French Flea market it looks, I am glad you listened to what it wanted to be and you gave it this new life!

    See you soon sweet friend.
    Cheers to euro chic!

  4. It looks great. I have not tried Milk Paint yet. I can not wait to try it. Everything I have seen it painted on looks so good.

  5. Hi Laurie, I love what you did here. And thanks for helping me and walking me through the painting process! I couldn't have done my own project without you!


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