Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Were giving away a vintage inspired pillow on The Lettered Cottage !!!

Meet Layla, the fabulous blogger extraordinaire, who writes The Lettered Cottage, she and I have gotten together and cooked up the most fabulous giveaway! You should rush over to her blog and read all about it.

Take a look at the AMAZINGLY talented Layla’s kitchen reno. If you haven’t met Kevin and Layla yet, get to know them.  They are super fun and adorable!!

Check out Kevin and Layla’s handy work in their sophisticated relaxed kitchen, while oozing with style and class. Layla has a special way of decorating. Isn’t the flooring great? It’s comfortable yet durable. Notice the seating, check out the comfort of the wicker she worked in to the space. I always encourage my clients to MIX,  glance to the end of her dining table . . . notice the stylish flair of using of a different dining chair.

I love the way she takes advantage of the rooms architecture.

Killer Reno!!!

If you would like to get your hands on a beautiful handmade pillow, leave a comment at The Lettered Cottage and you might be the winner!

Good Luck!!

Today create something truly beautiful !!!


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  1. Hi Laurie, I am a big fan of Layla and Kevin's blog. They are a very cute and talented couple. I am headed over to enter. Have a great weekend!


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