Friday, April 8, 2011

Etsy Treasury

My friend and fellow entrepreneur,  Julie has a lovely Etsy shop called Rusticrevivals.  She put together this amazing Etsy Treasury and really caught me off guard. She selected my shop (Bella Inspirations) to be featured on the very first page of the treasury !!! The theme is The Burlap Bride, my listing is called “ Here comes the bride” ( click here to view my listing.)I am honored to be featured along with some incredibly talented artists, thank you Julie.

Etsy Treasury

Happy Weekend folks, stop by next week were having a great giveaway!!!



  1. Laurie - thank you SO much for sharing this! Now it'll have some posterity.

    Wonderful blog you have, also!


  2. So proud of you my friend! Congratulations on making it Big Time : )


  3. Every thing you have on your blog is incredibly beautiful! Please come to my house and fix it! I love the basket you are giving away, thanks for your kindness. :)

  4. Hi again. Laurie I ordered your white linen stockings from you in Dec....I LOVE them!! Your craftmanship is EXCEPTIONAL....would love to be entered to win....your spring basket.

  5. I love it when I discover a blog like this. One I can really get excited about following and seeing what's up on a daily basis. It's exciting and fun to find new ways of making ones home interesting, cozy and ever changing.
    It's nice to meet you!

  6. Laurie, your work is amazing--I love, love LOVE the pillows, as well as, well, everything! And the basket is just too darned sweet. And darn it, I would love to win it! Thanks to you and jennifer for creating a little bit of calm beauty to brighten our days!

  7. I agree with Marti. You make amazing pillows.


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