Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Barr House #3

I stepped in to help my clients with some small redecorating jobs.  They have a very large island in their kitchen. Although their spacious kitchen was packed with style before,  it really was lacking a focal point. My plan is to redesign the island with custom moldings,  and provide additional lighting with a new hanging fixture.

(Kitchen before)


Island before with proposed beadboard sample.


We installed the beadboard on the surface of the island. . .  vertical to the floor, to stretch the space visually. The beadboard has a manufactured primer coat, and will  have to be painted. It looks good already, doesn’t it???


Larger craftsman quality baseboards replaced the old smaller ones,  as well as other various moldings, that highlight the island and stone even more.


The island is detailed with encased raised panels. 


Now the island is ready for paint. . . 

Although my clients are in their golden years,  I was able to persuade them into a lovely rich brown color. Yep, you guessed it French Roast, it’s a little bit spicy for the older folks,  however,  I reassured them one way to elevate good style to great style is to embrace a bit of good drama. Yes, It’s the same color I used on my new built-in, just in case you were wondering. This color will give the island that pop we’re looking for!!!


   This kitchen is truly a cook’s dream.  The custom center island with granite surface is perfect for preparing anything. Elegant stainless steel appliances with a six-burner range,  and double oven. A dual drawer dishwasher,  trash compactor and microwave.  I chose an iron oil-rubbed bronze fixture,  with hand crafted glass shades. My clients were concerned the size of the fixture would be too large, however, I think it suits the island nicely and they do, too! I have successfully transformed this classic designed kitchen island into an eye catching masterpiece,  and my clients are thrilled!

(Kitchen After)


Remember the barstools (seen below) in front of the island before. Well, we decided the island looked so amazing,  we didn’t want anything to block this focal point!


So we removed the bar stools  . . . GONE!


Stay tuned for more decorating changes occurring at the Barr’s house.

A shout out to all my new followers,  so nice to have you on board. The lucky winner of our Spring Basket Giveaway is Deborah at The Fairfield House. Congratulations!


Sending my wishes for a wonderful Easter Holiday to all of you.

Hope that bunny found his way to your home….




Sunday, April 10, 2011

Were giving away an Spring Basket on The Old Painted Cottage !!!


My friend, the fabulous blogger extraordinaire, Jennifer Grey, who writes The Old Painted Cottage and I have gotten together and cooked up the most fabulous giveaway!

The Old Painted Cottage LOGO


You should rush over to her blog and read all about it. If you would like to get your hands on a beautiful handmade spring basket.



Good luck to every one participating in our wonderful giveaway! I’m looking forward to getting to know all of Jennifer’s peeps! Your arrival is a cause of joy, and I will try my best to greet you all !!! For those of you I haven’t met yet,  see my brag sheet below.

About MEE  . . .

In June 2008, I was abruptly terminated from my position as a Broker Liaison, a direct result of the slumping housing market in Southern California.  Shortly thereafter, my dear friend Jennifer, encouraged me to launch my own business - which was always my dream, so it was either sink or swim. I began my Etsy shop last year with my staple French inspired burlap table runners with much success.   As time went on, Bella evolved into offering not only the runners and various handmade pieces, but also beautiful vintage antique items as well.   I am truly living my dream!  Jennifer has inspired me into wearing a plethora  of different hats. Seen below are JUST a few of my creations.  Thank you, Jennifer!


Vintage inspired linen pillows . .

linen pillows, oconnor clock 013_crop 

Burlap pillow collection  . .

a 005

French document burlap pillow on the left, Fleur-de-lis lumbar on the right. .

a 042 

Linen and fluffy down pillows, timeless and elegant . .

 Leann Michael Inter 012

Burlap ottoman w/ French inspired grain sack script . .

burlap ottoman 1

 Charcoal grey medic cross pillow and vintage army bolster.


Vintage French linen ottoman with lovely ruffle. .

 Linen Chateau w pleated skirt 003

Slipcovered arm chair with French script and Chateau BRADBURY pillow on right. .

  three fine grains 004

Burlap and grain sack  holiday decor with hanging tassel. .

my creations 006 

Burlap & organic cotton stockings with petite ruffle. .

   linen stockings3_crop 

I heart drapery rings to hang my holiday stockings.

It adds just the perfect stroke of sophistication.

linen stockings4

Burlap starfish stockings . .

beach stocking3

I was so excited when Jennifer said she would be the mistress of ceremonies for this fun giveaway! Thank you Jennifer for your wonderful post and for helping me with this fun and fabulous giveaway.

Hurry on over to The Old Painted Cottage (click here to enter our giveaway) and read all about it. Leave a comment and you might become the winner!

Good Luck!!

Today create something truly beautiful !!!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Etsy Treasury

My friend and fellow entrepreneur,  Julie has a lovely Etsy shop called Rusticrevivals.  She put together this amazing Etsy Treasury and really caught me off guard. She selected my shop (Bella Inspirations) to be featured on the very first page of the treasury !!! The theme is The Burlap Bride, my listing is called “ Here comes the bride” ( click here to view my listing.)I am honored to be featured along with some incredibly talented artists, thank you Julie.

Etsy Treasury

Happy Weekend folks, stop by next week were having a great giveaway!!!