Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Custom Built-in Reveal

Hello everyone, I know you have all been waiting to see our finished built-in.Click here for my original story. Just a few days ago Robert gave me the green light,  the paint was dry enough and I could have my way with our new built-in. Tucked away in the corner of our office I transformed this eyesore niche seen below into a striking built-in.

(Right side of niche before)

 niche 4

( Back left corner before)

niche 2

(office niche before)

niche 1



( office built-in after)

built-in3 014_crop

Stunning bead board details grace this custom built-in. I designed it with a  spacious desk top work station,  perfect for a computer/study area, etc.

built-in3 003

I merchandised the built-in with lovely vintage antique items,  mostly collected from flea markets and garage sales. These items include old encyclopedias, cast iron pulley, vintage inspired clock, personalized worn leather suitcases, basket from France, etc.  So far this is what I’ve come up with,  and I will keep adding to it, of course.  We haven’t yet installed lighting,  I will also be on the look-out for an industrial style desk lamp.

builtin 008

  Seen below  is the canvas art I  hung inside our built-in,  it’s a world map that depicts one of Christopher Columbus’ three ships hung on a retractable rod. The inspiration came form Restoration Hardware’s retractable military world map $ 639.00. I duplicated  the same idea for $220.00. not bad eh?

builtin 009

I did my thing, and there is only one way to describe this floor-to-ceiling built-in



builtin 006



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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Got Paint ?

All right folks our built-in is moving right along. I’m going to pick up where I left off. As you can see below,  Robert has installed the crown moldings,  medallions, etc. We are inching our way to the painting.

Hold up . . .

Before he got any further, I reminded him with caulking,  less is always better.  We can always go back over it, but once the caulking is on…Uummm?

 got paint 009

Next step will be to prep the built-in for paint, tape around the entire unit. Are we done yet?

got paint 010

So far our built-in has set us back $514.00; not bad considering a custom built-in of this size could run as much as $2,800 to $3,000 by a professional. I do apologize for the crazy photos,  I’m trying my best.

got paint 016

Okay folks can we talk?!!! I am VERY picky when it comes to paint brushes. I typically will only use PURDY brand $$$$…I guess you could say I am a paint brush snob!

Since I promised to help out with the painting, I snagged a few of these brushes ( seen below) from the 99 cents store. If you see any of these around grab them,  they are fab !!!  Usually inexpensive paint brushes are a no go,  this brand for some reason doesn’t shed and has a wonderful quality. We used the three inch size and a two inch size angle brush. 

got paint 029

It just so happened we had a full gallon of my favorite color in the garage. Perfect, no dealing with primer since this amazing paint has it already built-in. PAINT AND PRIMER IN ONE  . . .



got paint 036

   I’m ecstatic !!! The painting is finally in progress. We are thrilled, the bead board texture, along with this gorgeous color, looks very elegant on our built-in.

got paint 026

Designing with Brown

Though often the most feared palette, the right amount of brown will add excitement and enhance a room. Many people think brown will make a space look too dark, but good designers know that  if used properly, brown is a powerful tool. I will demonstrate this to you as this room starts to take shape. For those folks who are haunted by the look of brown reminding you of the 80's,  the twenty first century browns are a whole new ball game.  They are significantly different from the eyesore paint colors that were once used in the 80’s.  Embrace the new brown tones, they have just the perfect stroke of sophistication.

See you folks later,  I’m off to find the perfect accessories for our new built-in, while my loving husband finishes up on the painting, hee hee


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Friday, March 4, 2011

Got Caulk ?

Because of the large size of this built-in unit,   Robert decided to built it outdoors. When the time finally came to bring it inside,  it was so massive,  we asked a few of our friends and family to help out.  When my Dad , husband and neighbor lifted it into place, Yep . . .  you guessed it, it didn’t fit. The top of the niche was 1/2” wider from the bottom. Oh did I mention the unit was extremely heavy, 300 lbs or so. Needless to say my husband was  not a happy camper.

As the built-in progress we have had to make a few changes to our original design. I’m sure all you do-it –yourselfers can relate. Robert knew I was really wanting the look of floating shelves,  and since neither of us knew how to build them. lol   He took a stab at it.

  Crank up the blow by blow…


Let’s see, Sunday was our 10th trip to Home Depot since our project started. Needless to say his patience is running at an all time low. “ I’m so sick of this project.  If one more thing goes wrong I’m going to throw a grenade at it.”  “ Come on honey! You can do it!”

( Built-in before moldings and trims)

office niche 002 

Shelves before molding and my sweet hubby filing for separation papers, lol

office niche 001

My parents dropped by today to see how the built in was looking. They expressed their loving complements and support. Then they inquired  “ Who is going to paint the new built in?”  Much to my surprise my better half spoke music to my ears, “ I am.”



office after mouldings 007 


office after mouldings 009


office after mouldings 010


Our built-in is shaping up, the crown molding and medallions are now installed.  I’ve already started gathering some wonderful items to merchandise the shelves with.

office after mouldings 006

Next we will caulk around all the joints. I’m so glad my master finish carpenter hubby knew about caulking the built-in. Because I didn’t have a clue.

office after mouldings 005


What’s a home project without a bit of good drama? lol



Do you have a vision of how you would like your home to look?

Do you need help putting it in motion?

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