Monday, February 14, 2011

Suburban home Part five

Get comfortable, curl up,  and enjoy the rest of this redesign. Missy, a nurse and a dedicated mother of three, is still chugging along with her redesign The worn neutral carpet will be replaced with gorgeous hand scraped, wide plank durable hardwood in a mid-tone color, the slip covered sofa was donated to our local women's shelter. I plan to work in a L -shaped sectional to be placed where the existing sofa is, and it will wrap around the corner to the right. This will give Missy and her family ample seating. It’s the perfect fit! One half of the sectional will be placed in the existing sofa location under the windows.

(family room sofa before…)

Missy family room before 001

My design goal for this room was to create more “ Balance”.  As you can see, the sectional distributes the weight in this 15’L x 16’ room much more evenly. :-)

We chose a kid friendly chenille blend fabric on the new custom sectional. I talked her into a soft mocha brown. I also custom designed the sectional to fit the room,  it measures 130” x 102”. Yep, it’s a biggie!

( new family room sectional…)

missy family room befor wood floors 008

Notice how this nine foot sofa ( seen below) seems a bit lost in this large family room. The walls in this spacious family room were painted with Restoration Hardware’s  Latte. To see the redesign of the wall on the right, with the shelves go here

(family room before…)

Missy family room before 006

With her new look taking shape, she still likes a little touch of  frou frou. She purchased the ruffle edged pillows ( seen below) at the  Rosebowl in Pasadena CA. They are a nice creamy white. I decided to throw in a touch of my burlap collection for our photos. 

Do you guys remember back in the day-The Broadway Department Store? Yep, her sturdy coffee table was purchased 16 years ago, and has made it through those tough childhood years and still has more mileage to go.

( New  stylish family room…)

missy family room befor wood floors 018

We are super excited for this redesign to receive those beautiful hardwood floors. They’re coming up soon. We cant wait to show you!

 missy family room befor wood floors 006

There you have it…

missy family room befor wood floors 011

Sorry about the photos, I’m still learning how to adjust the settings on my camera. Urgh

missy family room befor wood floors 024


Thank you all for allowing me to share my designs with you.



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  1. Looks GREAT! Looks like an ad for Pottery Barn : ) Happy Valentine's Day! ~Destiny

  2. As I sit here and view the lovely pictures Laurie has put on her blog of my home, I can hardly believe this is where I live. It should be someplace located in Better Homes. Laurie has gently "nudged" me to think outside of my box and I am so thankful to her and her patience. She is a true professional and allows me to still maintain "me" (hence the ruffled linen pillows) I love it all and know with your help the wood floors will be the icing on the cake. Job well done.

  3. Laurie, this is one of my favorite makeovers. You did such a great job my friend. And the photos are great too!


  4. laurie, you are an amazing designer. i love the way the room turned out. it's night and day! the textures that you brought in are so rich and comfortable looking. i'm sure melissa is SO thrilled! xoxo

  5. Laurie,
    What a great job! It's a total transformation! The room looks so cozy and warm, a place you'd really want to spend time in! Love the sofa, the size, color and texture, perfect! Can't wait to see the floors, the icing on the cake!
    P.S. The picture of the no 3 came off the web, a free share place, can't remember which one. You are more then welcome to use it if you want.


  6. your post!
    your pics!
    happy day!

  7. Hi Laurie, Love the wall color with new sofa and those fabulous pillows! The burlap looks great with the ruffled linen pillows. Perfect for a charming family room! Great job on displaying the shelves. I love seeing your before and afters! Love, Christi


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