Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Does anyone like bead board?

A show of hands please. . .  .

We have been the proud owners of our crib for nine years. The office has a large niche, and it could be used as a closet,  but that would be too closed in and boring for my taste.  Huummmmm bead board?

My dearest friend Jennifer at The Old painted Cottage is quite familiar with bead board and has chosen it for several surfaces around her stunning cottage. She’s even thought about it on the ceiling. All this talk about bead board has really got me thinking! . . .  

Now comes the fun part, convincing Robert with my plan of action. That he of course, will think is absolutely insane! lol  “Honey, would you be up for build a shelving unit in the office????” “grumble… grumble…  I am not a finish carpenter.” “That’s ok, we’ll just try to wing it,  what do you think?” “grumble … grumble…Why don’t we just hire a carpenter?” “Because we can be proud that we built it ourselves.” “ What did you have in mind? Only if you keep it simple.” hee hee  Simple doesn’t exist in a designers vocabulary. hee hee

  Our new built in shelving unit (87”X 9’) will have, Yep,  you guessed it bead board on the back surface and much much more too. I can hardly wait to begin!


Left side of office niche before

niche 1


right side of office niche  . . .

niche 4


Left side of office niche before…

niche 2


Proposed moldings for our new built in shelf unit. Unless of course, I change my mind,  that I’ve been know to do. :-)

office niche 005

I designed the built in unit to house three floating shelves, with enough space in-between left so I can merchandise them with larger scale items.

office niche 001

The first lower shelf Robert installed at desk height. This gives us the option of additional desk space if needed and with a swivel chair we can use both our desk surface and shelf in the built in. You can never have to much desk space.

office niche 003

The corbels were a garage sale find,  wish I had a few more. 

office niche 002

Stick around, this weekend will install the moldings on the fronts of the shelf's.  Cant wait to share with you!



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  1. Thanks for the laugh, my husband reacts the exact same way when I come up with projects for him. Soo funny!! Karen

  2. SO funny! My husband gets this blank scared face when I mention building something, moving furniture, or redoing anything! I think it looks great - I love beadboard...I've been trying to talk my husband into covering our kitchen island with it...no luck yet...I'll keep trying : )

  3. Looking good Laurie, can't wait to see the final result. And thanks for the kind words sweetie : )

  4. I love your blog and your designs! Thanks so much for the chance for the giveaway. I love the basket so much!!! emmi5ca at yahoo.com www.godgiventalents.blogspot.com

  5. I wish I could step into your blog and make myself at home! I dearly love it and will visit often now that I've been introduced to it. The creativity that went into the basket is extraordinary...I love things like that!


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