Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Does anyone like bead board?

A show of hands please. . .  .

We have been the proud owners of our crib for nine years. The office has a large niche, and it could be used as a closet,  but that would be too closed in and boring for my taste.  Huummmmm bead board?

My dearest friend Jennifer at The Old painted Cottage is quite familiar with bead board and has chosen it for several surfaces around her stunning cottage. She’s even thought about it on the ceiling. All this talk about bead board has really got me thinking! . . .  

Now comes the fun part, convincing Robert with my plan of action. That he of course, will think is absolutely insane! lol  “Honey, would you be up for build a shelving unit in the office????” “grumble… grumble…  I am not a finish carpenter.” “That’s ok, we’ll just try to wing it,  what do you think?” “grumble … grumble…Why don’t we just hire a carpenter?” “Because we can be proud that we built it ourselves.” “ What did you have in mind? Only if you keep it simple.” hee hee  Simple doesn’t exist in a designers vocabulary. hee hee

  Our new built in shelving unit (87”X 9’) will have, Yep,  you guessed it bead board on the back surface and much much more too. I can hardly wait to begin!


Left side of office niche before

niche 1


right side of office niche  . . .

niche 4


Left side of office niche before…

niche 2


Proposed moldings for our new built in shelf unit. Unless of course, I change my mind,  that I’ve been know to do. :-)

office niche 005

I designed the built in unit to house three floating shelves, with enough space in-between left so I can merchandise them with larger scale items.

office niche 001

The first lower shelf Robert installed at desk height. This gives us the option of additional desk space if needed and with a swivel chair we can use both our desk surface and shelf in the built in. You can never have to much desk space.

office niche 003

The corbels were a garage sale find,  wish I had a few more. 

office niche 002

Stick around, this weekend will install the moldings on the fronts of the shelf's.  Cant wait to share with you!



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Monday, February 14, 2011

Suburban home Part five

Get comfortable, curl up,  and enjoy the rest of this redesign. Missy, a nurse and a dedicated mother of three, is still chugging along with her redesign The worn neutral carpet will be replaced with gorgeous hand scraped, wide plank durable hardwood in a mid-tone color, the slip covered sofa was donated to our local women's shelter. I plan to work in a L -shaped sectional to be placed where the existing sofa is, and it will wrap around the corner to the right. This will give Missy and her family ample seating. It’s the perfect fit! One half of the sectional will be placed in the existing sofa location under the windows.

(family room sofa before…)

Missy family room before 001

My design goal for this room was to create more “ Balance”.  As you can see, the sectional distributes the weight in this 15’L x 16’ room much more evenly. :-)

We chose a kid friendly chenille blend fabric on the new custom sectional. I talked her into a soft mocha brown. I also custom designed the sectional to fit the room,  it measures 130” x 102”. Yep, it’s a biggie!

( new family room sectional…)

missy family room befor wood floors 008

Notice how this nine foot sofa ( seen below) seems a bit lost in this large family room. The walls in this spacious family room were painted with Restoration Hardware’s  Latte. To see the redesign of the wall on the right, with the shelves go here

(family room before…)

Missy family room before 006

With her new look taking shape, she still likes a little touch of  frou frou. She purchased the ruffle edged pillows ( seen below) at the  Rosebowl in Pasadena CA. They are a nice creamy white. I decided to throw in a touch of my burlap collection for our photos. 

Do you guys remember back in the day-The Broadway Department Store? Yep, her sturdy coffee table was purchased 16 years ago, and has made it through those tough childhood years and still has more mileage to go.

( New  stylish family room…)

missy family room befor wood floors 018

We are super excited for this redesign to receive those beautiful hardwood floors. They’re coming up soon. We cant wait to show you!

 missy family room befor wood floors 006

There you have it…

missy family room befor wood floors 011

Sorry about the photos, I’m still learning how to adjust the settings on my camera. Urgh

missy family room befor wood floors 024


Thank you all for allowing me to share my designs with you.



Do you have a vision of how you would like your home to look?

Do you need help putting it in motion?

For design inquires email me-n-you@verizon.net

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Suburban home Part four

Now that the walls have been painted, Missy and I can start to put some of the finishing touches in place. Missy has a lovely photo collection of her three  “pups” oops girls, capturing some of her favorite moments.  She has decided to keep the trio of shelf/ ledges,  but do a little tweaking. 

(family room wall before)

Missy family room before 002

She had already had two pewter photo frames and decided to add more.   Of course,  I had to get my grubby little hands in the middle and do some rearranging. Gone are the artificial plants,  in with some larger scale items.   This charming clock  creates a focal point and adds a nice impact.  Lucky for us, she already had the clock.  Missy added a few more of her favorite images,  with just a skosh larger frames. Notice how significantly different the three shelves look? I didn’t change the location of the shelves,  just the items! What a beautiful family! Don’t you agree?

( family room wall after)

missy dining-niche 004

Just to the right of our newly worked shelving is her lovely fireplace and hearth.  The framed art above the fireplace is a classic signed  limited edition from the Marty Bell collection.  Although we admire it’s beauty, we have decided to move it to another location. I introduced Missy to some larger scale art for above her family room fireplace, which I will reveal tomorrow. She cracks me up,  she really got into scale/ proportion! Well, as you can imagine, with all these changes going on around the house Missy’s daughters have become quite curious about all these new changes.  Missy,  clever mother that she is,  is teaching her oldest(eleven yrs.) daughter, Kayla,  about scale and proportion, it’s toooo cute.  Meanwhile I asked her younger eight year old daughter, Lillian, “So, how do you like your newly decorated house?”  She replied with a big smile “I’m still getting used to it!” lol

(family room fireplace wall before)


Missy family room before 003

family room - painting in progress

christmas tree skirt 008

Thank you all for allowing me to share my designs with you.