Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Custom Crown Canopy

 Take advantage of an client’s loss.  Client who ordered a dramatic coronet and changed her mind. I am selling this “OOPS” to any lucky taker. For those of you who don’t know what a crown canopy is . . . you can achieve a very attractive look by installing the large panel 109l X 103w ceiling to floor, against the wall. The crown is achieved by attaching two panels 99l x 53w around the outer edge of a half-circle of 3/4 inch plywood.  This half-circle can be attached directly to the ceiling or floated just off the ceiling with L-brackets attached to the wood.

You can drape panels through a wooden or metal ring attached ceiling above center of the head of the bed.  Spread panels out to display more fabric and frame the bed or drape the panels around bed posts at the head of the bed.

crown 013

Inside of crown panels. . .

crown 012 


Back panel has small 1/2 inch tear in fabric :-(

crown 010

Kept in plastic to preserve their beauty!

crown 009

Beautifully lined damask fabric panels. This canopy would also look stunning over a crib in a nursery! OMG

crown 008

Photos of installed coronet..

Photo permissions courtesy Assistance League of Southern California Design House 2002 -- photograph ©2002 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide





I am selling all the custom panels for $199.00 “start the car”

They are very heavy which means shipping $$$$. I would like to sell them to a local party.  I am located in Newbury Park CA.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Newbie Blogger, That’s me!

Ever since I started blogging in December of 2009,  my friends and family, who are not familiar with blogging, keep asking me the same question.  “What do you get from blogging?” Hmph!

My response is always the same. “I have taken away so many positive things wonderful new friends, and a plethora of knowledge, I suppose I’ll be blogging ad infinitum!” Currently, one of my many favorite blogs is Cote de Texas I truly admire Joni’s fascinating work and love her style of writing.  Among her many talents, she has a wonderful podcast called the Skirted Roundtable,  which is where I stumbled on this story about blogger jealousy, -- I would like to share with you.



S ome people show off their kids . . . I brag about my Chocolate lab adore! His name is Titus see below at eight weeks old! OMG


baby titus

Here he is Mom your grandson! I think he has your eye’s? LOL


Titus is half way through his life at 6 years old & 70 lbs and loves to play all normal doggie games.  Although this game creation is to cute not to share. When we are outside in the backyard, he loves to play hide-n-seek. This game he created all by his darling little self. When I call him he hides behind shrubs & bushes. “ Titus I see you” he then proceeds to the next hiding spot.  lol


linen pillow 015

“ Titus Where are you?”

linen pillow 014

“ Titus Where are you?”

linen pillow 018

This as you can guess goes on and on!  It’s to cute!!!!


Happy Monday!





Friday, March 26, 2010

Planked panel bathroom


This compact bath certainly has character- tiles climb halfway up the walls, a pedestal sink held up with salvaged balusters!! OMG . . . . . . .I’m in love !!!!  Typically designers use planks on the vertical.  This bath has planked panels covering the walls; installed horizontal to the floor, they stretch the space visually. The stunning triple stainless light fixture will be a trend for a long time to come.


This unique console has a shallow vessel sink that sits on a quartz counter- be still my heart, which has “wings” extending to the sidewalls.  This continuous surface is outstanding and more useful,  addressing the shortage of surface area in older baths.


Planked panels_0002

White marble mosaics are on the floor, & backsplash.


Happy Weekend !!! Hello to all my new followers, I am smitten!!


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New addition to burlap line

Thank you so much for your patience with the revamping of my blog!! The blog header will soon be tweaked to read Bella Inspirations. I hope you like my new look!

Okay you all, I am having so much fun coming up with new burlap designs! I wanted to give you a sneak peek before I post on Etsy.


chateau marmount 011

Check this bad boy out  . . . . . .23 1/2w x 102l . . . . double thickness :) with one seam center back. This runner looks fab on a 72'” rectangular

table. The ink on this design is is black although in the photos it might appear blue.

 revised 003

The Chateau design is at both ends of the table runner.This stunning table runner has 6 inches, yes, of amazing fringe!!!

chateau marmount 014 

Hope you like my newest creation- -  it’s $78.00 w/free shipping.

Be back soon with more styles.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A love of Mirrors

I snagged this mirror from Pacific Auction Galleries in Southern California. Although I really liked the gold leaf and the fantastic scroll design!  I noticed there was a tiny chip in the paint revealing white paint underneath? I got my hands on a small putty knife . . . scrape . . scrape . . . scrape. . . excitement!!!  I did my thing. :-)

chippy mirror 012 

I love the eye-catching chippy paint!!! delightful isn’t it ???? 

This mirror is an antique treasure, I don’t remember how much I bought it for because I bought it about ten years ago ???

chippy mirror 021

Pretty nifty, eh? I enjoy decorating in unconventional ways.

chippy mirror 004 

I searched for other items to complement my vision in this charming vignette.


chippy mirror 009


Have a creative day!

Fondly Laurie

Monday, March 15, 2010

Repainted baseboards

T hank you to all my blog pals for being so patient, waiting for the baseboards finished look!  This is the raunchy before photo :-(

miss farm table 018


To remind you all of what has to be done.We had to re-taped and a use water base glaze on top of the painters tape to create a barrier. To finally be rid of paint runs.


What do you know this method really does work! None of the paint ran behind the tape. YEAH!!!



finised baseboards 003

We took a small amount or glaze on our finger tip and ran it along the tape joint. Allow to dry 20 minutes!


finised baseboards 002

I am thrilled with are new 8 inch baseboards,  they are Sumptuous and tasteful!



finised baseboards 004

Perfect recipe for beautiful baseboards!


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Monday, March 8, 2010

Baseboards 101 Continued

To prepare baseboards for paint,  we used 1 1/2” low tack painters tape above the half round molding,  and blue painters tape w/ 12” cover paper to protect the floor.

copper 002

Making sure to leave the 1 inch wall space between the baseboards exposed.

copper 003

 The walls are painted with Ralph Lauren Suede  Silver City. This paint evokes hand brushed rich elegance. The baseboards are already primed . .  Yeah!….one less step… Are we ready to rock-n-roll honey??


copper 001

I chose to paint the baseboards to match all of the existing woodwork in the room. seen below is the first coat . . .

miss farm table 015second coat . . .



miss farm table 013

 Wait hold on! . . . . . .Pump the brakes . . .  we removed the tape to reveal this . . .  YIKES!  . . . . Robert(my husband) “ GRUMBLE GRUMBLE” As you can see below the paint ran underneath the tape.

Okay Laurie, time to dig deep and devise a plan. Honey, I think we should re-tape and a use water base glaze between the tape and the paint to create a barrier. Robert . . . . “GRUMBLE GRUMBLE”



miss farm table 018


Stay tuned for more baseboard blunders!  LOL







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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tasteful Antique Accessories


I’m going to kick things off today with something that will inspire you. I love to merchandise my designs with gorgeous antiques. This impressive copper carafe collection seen below, dates to the late 1800s or earlier. The copper carafes were garage sale finds …… YES !!!!!  I’ve ALSO used two reproduction hammered copper platters added to the mix. :-)



copper 012


No doubt these elegant carafes were used over a low fire to simmer coffee all day. This was long before Skinny Lattes at Starbucks. :-)



copper 016


I’ve displayed this vignette on my clients hand carved cherry wood buffet, an effective way to add drama.


 copper 017


Very nice patina from many years of polish.


copper 020


I like to personalize my design to each individual client. 

This clients heritage is Italian!



copper 023


Stylishly beautiful isn’t it ???

Robert is working hard today on our crib. YEAH !!! I can’t wait to show off our new baseboards! Happy weekend!!!





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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Terra Cotta Fun and Games

With spring just around the corner my designing mind moves outdoors. An outdoor space is a room with a view-anything from a family garden or an exposed roof terrace to a tiny balcony. A lot of the same rules apply when we design outdoor spaces that we use for indoor spaces. This terra cotta planter grouping is designed with highs and lows for visual interest. I also like to use different shapes and sizes of planters. When designing for outdoors think of it as an extension of your indoor rooms.  There are several wonderful books The Outdoor Room by Jamie Durie,  Outdoor Spaces by Gilly Love.


Using pottery upside down creates a tall pedestal. You can also use wrought iron pedestals of varying heights with saucers turned over on them. Closely group and even overlap pottery.

Picture 054 

When plants are grouped together,  it gives the WOW factor!

Picture 089

Experiment and have fun, you can use old vintage urns or any pottery collection you like filled with your favorite annuals and perennials.

retouch sperling

What a gorgeous outdoor view, the perfect recipe for a charming planter garden! :-)


Picture 007

I love they way the color is tucked around the bottom of this gnarly topiary !! Nice touch!!



Coming up in a few days the finished baseboards. I can’t wait for you to see them. Well be back!

For design inquiries,  write to Laurie at me-n-you@verizon.net