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Suburban home gets a prescription for change

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I left off in June 2009,  after undergoing several months of interior design talk, I walked to my friend (neighbor’s) home,  just a few short steps away. I really love this job, How lucky can you get? I adore Missy and her family, I’m really enjoying helping tap into her amazing creative side. It’s something I cherish. I began to introduce Melissa to a few of my favorite go to colors.  I presented  her with a color scheme of neutral tones and not so neutral tones.  She chose the neutral tones, a magnificent choice!  I’ll get back to the paint later in the post,  I promise.

While Missy didn’t mind stepping over the toys and other kid stuff that littered her formal dining room ( to the back of this photo),  she would love a dining room and living room that is stylish,  relaxing and --  best of all-- grown-up.  The house was suffering from “ boring-itis”. I recommended moving the children’s play area to her upstairs bonus room.

She will order a custom new slipcovered sofa and loveseat later when she saves some more moola. I’ll get back to the living room later.


  emi 375

(Living room/Dining - before)


I got to work right away looking for a  budget-friendly dining table. First stop Bungalow Antiques, a wonderful antique mall close to home.  With a plethora of amazing things to feast your eyes on. I strolled around a bit,  and stumbled upon this piece.  This stunning farm table top was covered with various antiques  piled high to the ceiling, chairs, side tables, silver trays, etc etc etc. All I could see was these substantial legs with farmhouse-style turnings peeking out at me-a true vintage look. “ Beat, beat, beat” (that’s my heart) 


The cost for the table $1200.00 REDUCED to $599.00.   I know Melissa likes a good bargain,  who doesn’t?

Okay,  now all I had to do was bring her in and convince her that this table was a wonderful investment and show stopper? Only one thing though, at first glace all she could really see was the rustic legs! “lol”

I love the thick, planked wood top!



The varnish on this table has yellowed over time.  It’s wood finish is seriously outdated and will need some sprucing up.



After some strong persuasion and comforting her concern that it was too large for her dining room, she agreed to disagree.  As you can see in the photo,  the chair less farm table has found it’s way to a new home- Melissa’s dining room. This rustic farm table will bring unparalleled warmth to this room. 


We love the distressed knots and grain pattern

The two photos seen below are from Pottery Barn’s dining collection, retail cost $1,499.00. Now that’s a fat price tag!!  Look how closely the style and craftsmanship resemble our antique farm house table above.  

Detailed View

(Proposed  refinishing color option #1 )

Look at this exceptional depth of color in this stain finish.

Pretty sweet, eh?

 Sumner Dining Table

(Proposed refinishing color option #2)

previously style-starved windows and walls seen below


( before)

Although we experimented with Color Visualizer  (paint selection software) from Sherwin Williams, when it came to crunch time. We tested a few samples and she tastefully chose one of my go to colors throughout her 2700 sq. Ft. two story Restoration Hardware’s,” Latté”.

Seen below her dining room being painted,  using warm colors, totally changes the feel of this room.  If you glance to the right upper corner of this photo, you can just barely see the ceiling. the same paint color Latte was used on the ceiling,  just a lesser strength. I love the soft continuous line with the ceiling painted. Remember, on the ceiling, paint will always look darker.  I chose to paint the ceiling in this room for ambience and intimacy.  

christmas tree skirt 011

( after)



( before)



Her three formal dining room windows now adorned with new crisp white plantation shutters.

missy dining-niche 003

missy dining-niche 001

( after)

I’ve decided to break this remodel into several different posts for you, so that I don’t leave any of the dets out. Stick around everyone, next post I will show you some of Melissa’s family room and niche area. This previously style-starved home is becoming a relaxing and stylish abode.

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  1. Great process, Laurie. I can't wait to see what's next!


  2. Hi Laurie,
    Judging from your past projects, I'll be anxiously awaitng your next chapter re this remodel. Bet you and your friend are having fun, too! Love the farm table!
    Sara II

  3. WOW! That table would sure look great in my house. Whatta find! The wall color is perfect w/crisp white shutters. Keep us posted. I'll be back.



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