Friday, November 5, 2010

Chalkboard Walls

As a designer I want to bring you fresh new ideas.  The boldness of this concept may cause you to pump the brakes. Just when I thought I had seen every possible use for chalkboard paint, check out this artist studio (seen below),  drawers painted black for easy labeling, great space.


I like the idea of painting whole walls with blackboard paint.

Below: This kitchen in London has a very modern edge, but the chalkboard wall adds an unexpected vintage touch.


Below: A hallway



Below: A dining room with trendy chalkboard wall, inspiring for children too!


Below: A kitchen with a chalkboard cabinets & backsplash.



Below: Kitchen with chalkboard painted wall on the right,  and no fussy details.


Below: A kitchen from Marie Claire Maison,  great ambience.


Below: Of course, if you don't feel like committing to painting an entire wall, a giant schoolroom blackboard will do nicely.


Below: A door painted with chalkboard paint serves as a giant shopping list in this kitchen from Living Etc.


Below: Another door painted with chalkboard paint; via Living Etc, notice the framed medic cross,  what a novel idea.


Below: How about a board painted with blackboard paint?

  The vintage lamp and file drawers,  wonderful details!


Below: A kitchen art space.


Modern is what we are seeing more of these days and we should not be afraid to mix it up. You do not have to break the bank with this idea,  chalkboard paint is inexpensive and can transform your surroundings.  Give your home a completely fresh new look.

Everyday is a gift….




  1. One of my favorite posts yet. Job well done! Thanks for all the great inspiration, Laurie. And I loved the surprise detail of that framed medic cross.

    PS - thanks for posting about my giveaway!


  2. Love the chalkboard walls! We just finished up one in the hall off of our family room HERE Also, there is an amazing one at BLT Steak in Scottsdale, AZ. It must be over 25 feet long. It's lovely.

  3. Always love chalkboard paint for playrooms or doors but I know I could not handle an entire wall.

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