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Lighting is one of the best elements to help set the tone of a design. From vintage pieces to modern accents, each fixture can aid in creating anything from a chic atmosphere to a playful environment. Because lighting is such a vital part of our lives and design, it is important to have fun in picking your lighting fixtures, remember to think outside of the box!

Lately I’ve been searching for the perfect Powder Room Pendant. Here are a few of my favorites.

This Vintage Amber glass pendant really caught my eye because of the unique color and shape. The light that it emits gives off a warm glow, adding a more comfortable feel to any atmosphere.


These pendants add some dimension to a Powder Room. Layering 3 different styles or 3 of the same style can create a fun and interesting focal point to the room.

Beat lights

For a less expensive option, this fixture from Cisco Home creates a sleek and elegant look through the elongated glass shape. The rope "chain" creates a (blank feel), whereas a standard chain would be more contemporary.


Have you thought about rearranging your furniture . . .  and thought . . .  and thought  . . .

Remember any item can always go back to its original “home.” Embrace change, its fun!


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