Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pablo no! Bust over fake art

Do you love fine art? . . .I do . . . In Los Angeles, California an antiques dealer sold a fake Pablo

Piccasso painting for $2 million.

The art dealer,  70 years old,   who owned the Chateau Allegre gallery,  told the buyer who purchased the fake that it was worth much more than $2 million.  She claimed she was able to give him the deal because she had permission from the Malcom Forbes family to sell it at the lower price and keep the sale private ( raise of eyebrow). The dealer hired a local artist for $1000 to make a copy of the Picasso from a photograph. She even told the artist to lie to the FBI and say she did only restoration work,  not any copying. WOW scandalous!



“The Woman in the Blue Hat”

( This is the phony)

The buyer had the painting examined and learned it was a fake. Collectors be extremely careful out there!!!

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