Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Want to experiment with color ?


My dearest friend, Melissa(Missy), has a plethora of talents,  nurse,  devoted mother of three girls, who are pure eye candy, homemaker,  etc.  etc. She has a large suburban home which has good bones, but it’s time to change the Swiss Coffee throughout the whole house. This home is perfectly suited to her family, and is poised for a redo. She approached me to design this nest.  First up with this design project:  paint selection.  This is truly an area where amateurs struggle.  Quite frankly, it can be very scary. I often ask my clients, “ Are you struggling with the paint color?” They usually reply, “ YEP!” I reassure them it’s only paint,  and it can always be changed. That usually gives them the out they’re looking for. Now that Missy is informed, I want to inspire her with color options.  We can create and visualize the final result before any paint is applied.


WHO wants to see a preview of what their room will look like after it’s been painted ???

Show of hands please! 

I will use Color Visualizer from Sherwin Williams. All you have to do is take a picture of the room you would like to paint.  Upload it here.  You can experiment with different colors that you would like your room to be.  There is even a toggle that lightens or darkens the color you’ve selected.

emi 371

Missy wants everything to go except the beautiful recently purchased Bombay chest.

emi 372

She has decided on custom white plantation shutters for light control and privacy.

emi 375

Gone is the children’s playroom in the dining area, to the back of this photo.  In comes her new sophisticated, functional decor. Flooring throughout downstairs to be replaced with hand scraped wood – for the real wow factor! I’m pushing for Seagrass rugs, we’ll see!

Michell's before photos 004

View  from other side of room showing foyer.

Missy formal dinning 009

Formal dining room begging for a chandelier!!! (wink)

Missy formal dinning 011 

Larger base moldings would be a nice touch.

Missy formal dinning 010 

Dining room is adorned with three windows.

Brentwood craft s 027

Entrance to kitchen from formal dining.

Missy has patiently waited nine years for this makeover. We’re both dreamin’ and schemin’ about the completed redesign. YAYY!!!





  1. How exciting Laurie! What a great space to be working with I can't wait to see what you come up with! xx

  2. H Laurie, Hope you had a lovely weekend. Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you on my blog today! Have a great day. Nellie xx

  3. Love a good makeover!!!! Nellie from McCarthy design sent me here and I love your burlap table runners! I am you newest follower... for now...


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