Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I’m kicking things off today outside.

Do you think of your yard,  patio,  balcony as an extension of your home decor?  It’s amazing what you can do.  This weekend I tried to capture some of the beautiful design elements in Mom’s yard. This small vintage fountain tucked behind delicate yellow rose vines is super-inviting, good one Mom!

via aurora patio 008

This is the view you see looking out the glass French doors from her formal dinning room.


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If you don’t have access to a water line, no problem. You could always fill the bowl with your favorite flowers.


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You wow me mom . . . 


Yes Mom, this one clever idea lumped into tons and tons of others you have taught me. I admire you so much!

For an added splash, Mom incorporates focal points into her pottery,  like with this aged cherub seen below. :-)

Dramatic isn’t it ?

via aurora patio 002

Tucked in the center of this fern and succulent display.

via aurora patio 003

Mom suggested using a smaller clay pot to perch your favorite element on.

via aurora patio 004

You can use this same idea with vintage elements tucked into your favorite flower display. . . . Hydrangeas please!

via aurora patio 005

(I love you Mom, you’re the best!)

Wishing all my wonderful friends a creative day.




  1. I gave you an award on my blog. You can go by and pick it up, just go ahead and save the award pic to your computer and then follow my lead!


  2. So pretty!! Yes, outside has been the main focus lately. Your mom is good at what she does!

  3. Hi Laurie...Great gardens and a wonderful photo of you and your mom!!!!
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    I have been tossing that around but never seem to get there.
    I've been making jewelry for 8 years and have a shop and studio set up in my home....
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    Yesterday a friend came in looking for three birthday gifts...and that's how it works!!!!
    I have a hugh blowout show once a year in the fall in my home.
    If I get any bigger I'm afraid it will become a Job and not fun anymore....
    If your looking for Silver Specific...
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    You could just drop over!!!!
    I would love that!!!
    and bring your Mom too!!!!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Morning

  4. Love your statues!! What a sweet blog you have

  5. Hi Laurie,
    Love the fountain and it looks like your mom has a great garden. I just found your lovely blog and I am now your newest follower.

  6. great garden ideas, very inspiring! thanks!

  7. Wow, I'm definitely going to try to make my garden look nicer! great suggestions!

    northssclub at yahoo dot com

  8. Hi Laurie :) I just found your blog tonight, I love it!! Good ideas for in the garden...I love yard work, so fun to look at your pretties...

    I love your burlap table runners also, how neat! Stopped by your etsy shop and gave you a big heart :) Sally

  9. As always, I love to see how others accent their backyards. Your mom has done a great job, I love the succulents and cherubs are one of my favorites!


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