Monday, June 7, 2010

Arts & Craft Fair

My dear friend and confidant, Jacquie, owner of California Chic, and I decided to exhibit our handmade items at a local arts and crafts fair in May. Sorry about the photos everyone, I did my best.   

Brentwood craft s 010

I hung all my table runners on rolling garment racks, and asked my husband ( Robert) to place the ottoman directly in front of our display. He asked, “ Are you sure that’s where you want it ? Shoppers might decide it’s a good resting spot.” I confidently reassured him, “I doubt any shoppers would be daring enough to do that.” Little did I know Jacquie had one ear open.

More about the ottoman later. . . .

Brentwood craft s 015

After I rearranged our exhibit 100 times. I realized not only do I have to constantly tweak the decor in my home, I had to do the same with the show. (wink) 


Brentwood craft s 005

Jacquie and I went “fity- fity” on the craft fair entrance fee of $250.00.


Brentwood craft s 014

There is a certain charm in burlap that can add appeal to your home.


Brentwood craft s 006

Here is a better photo of the ottoman I made.  We heard a lot of stories about the famous hotel Chateau Marmont; it was quite an attention getter.

Brentwood craft s 013


Jacquie did her thing too . . . 

Brentwood craft s 007

Look at the darling rag-style quilted handbags & diaper bags,  blankets and accessories she uses dreamy fabric & colors. For an added splash, the baby blankets can even be personalized at your request …

nice touch Jacquie!

rag blanket

Although our items received a lot of attention,  this craft fair wasn’t a money maker for either of us. We didn’t even sell enough to cover our entrance fees . . Urgh


Soooo . . . . remember the  ottoman I  decided to place right out in front

Yep  . . . .

craft fair

Caught on Camera

By Jacqkie. . .she’s a prankster !!!





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  1. Just became a follower of your blog after I saw your work on My Sweet Savannah. I LOVE your art. I already have my eye on several pieces. Keep doing what you do.

  2. Oh Laurie, what a shame that you didn't have a huge sell out, but these things take time and it sounds like you had a great experience! I love your stall setup, it looks fabulous! xx

  3. Oh, I LOVE the runners...I may have to have one!

  4. Laurie, hi. I just found you from sweet savannahs blog. Your runners a really beautiful. A true treasure and works of art! Would so love to win one! I'll be back, your blog is terrific and I can't wait to scroll back to older posts! So much for going to bed early! Ha I will also become a follower <3 Donna

  5. Just found your blog, love the burlap table runners! I am following up on the giveaway.
    La Maison Fou blog.


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