Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1950’s Antique Cedar Chest makeover



Hello everyone! So sorry I have been MIA  this last week. I wasn’t able to

blog due to computer issues. Well, $800.00 later, I have a new notebook and I’m back in the house,  long story.


. . . Now on to the fun stuff 

I purchased this cedar blanket chest at the Salvation Army for ten bucks. . .Yep !  Sorry about the photos,  this chest is nice and straight not bowed although it appears that way in the photo. Can you believe someone wrecked  this elegant beauty? I love this old hardware with the key hole. Nope, it didn’t come with the key. . . awe shucks


First application of stripper, can’t wait to see what’s underneath this baby?

 ANTICAPATION is making me wait . . .


Second application of stripper.

WOW. .  Check this bad boy out!  I am so Jazzed!


After two days of stripping fun, it’s time to sand.  Oops, I forgot to take photos of the sanding process. Oh well, moving onward. . .

I infused dark walnut gel stain with oil base raw umber, still pretty wet. 



This chest is going to be super dreamy and full of treasures when it’s done.


I hope I can encourage you to grow and try new things, to me it’s a great way to give back.



  1. Gorgeous!!
    I inherited a similar chest from my grandmother last year and it has spawned an entire redesign in my master bedroom!
    Amazing find, congratulations!

  2. Who would do that the beautiful wood!?! It looks so much better now!


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