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I want to share with you House Beautifuls pick of the month. This bold New York kitchen includes all the necessities for a perfect family

home. A blue periwinkle color verging on cobalt tile backsplash takes over one whole wall.  It's the one big, bold stroke of color, but boy, is it big. Heavy-duty marine lights above the island, so trendy! Deschutes sconces above the windows from Rejuvenation. The bistro stools are made in France and can be customized in various colors and patterns. All paint in the kitchen is Ralph Lauren Paint's Pocket Watch White in high gloss.

Mesmerizing isn’t it ?



The professional-style stainless-steel Garland range is paired with a Rangemaster hood.

The blue glass bottles on the countertop repeat the color of the blue glass tiles.

 The upper cabinets are faced with ribbed glass, which veils the contents. 

2-by-6-inch glass tiles.

The gooseneck faucet by Dornbracht is handy for filling a tall lobster pot.


White Manhattan Calacatta marble $$$$ . . .sigh. . . , with 11 coats of sealer on it. The designer found that 11 coats works best. 

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Elegant burlap . . .  yes it does exist!


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Good luck to everyone participating in My Sweet Savannah’s wonderful giveaway! I’m looking forward to getting to know all of Melaine’s peeps! Your arrival is a cause of joy, and I will try my best to greet you all!




 Delightful Antique Script


  A few months ago I was visiting with my lovely friend and antique collector, Jennifer - The Old Painted Cottage. I found myself marveling at several elegant antique

documents she had displayed in her living room. I excitedly asked her “ What are these documents ?” She replied “ They are official French government documents.” With a little arm twisting, she agreed to share copies. :-) I have a hunch their from the early 1800s.

 I love the charming sweeping,  flowing lines of ornamental script. If you look close, you can tell when the writer would need to reload his pen.  The script becomes more faint.

Eye-catching, isn’t it?

zoomed and edited French doc


No doubt treasures worthy of framing. Penmanship has become a lost art and who doesn’t dig French antiques!!! These documents are sought after by collectors for their decorative elegance.

 Zoomed #2


Jennifer has a trained eye for wonnnderful antiques!

I love the charming sweeping,  flowing lines of ornamental script. Eye-catching, isn’t it?

These delightful French documents even have official markings.

Who would have thunk? :-)

French Documents 003

They are great to decorate a home or office. 

Search online auctions, folk art galleries, antique stores, flea markets, and vintage-paper fairs.

French Documents 004

French Documents 005

Wanna see what I do with these documents? Stay tuned to Bella Inspirations - - -  I can’t wait to reveal !

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  1. What a lovely post Laurie! So much to admire and fall in love with! The kitchen is gorgeous and so is the burlap runner but my favourite would be the wonderful hand writing! If only I could write like that! xx

  2. Great post and Love the script!

    Remember seeing them...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. I found your blog via My Sweet Savannah and I love it! I added your Etsy shop to my favorites too - love everything!!! Am now a follower for sure. :)

  4. What a feel good post - blue and white - so crisp and clean - thanks, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  5. visiting from my sweet savannah. your table runner is beautiful! wow-

  6. Hi I would love to win one of your table runners...

  7. I LOVE's so weirdly comforting for such a scratchy fabric. I LOVE the texture!
    Beautiful kitchen.

  8. Found my way to your blog, the Sweet Savannah way! So happy I made it!


  9. What a beautiful and fresh looking kitchen!! I love your runners and I'm interested in seeing what becomes of those I'm a new follower.

  10. hi! visiting from Sweet Savannah, thanks for hosting a giveaway!! love your beautiful blog...what an amazing job on the wicker set...and i am crazy about a blue and white kitchen!!

  11. Hey Gal, I just swung over from My Sweet Savannah and right-o, you do have sweet burlap runners. I love-em! You also have a beautiful blog that I will now follow. Thank you for offering such a lovely giveaway.

  12. love this table runner! Love that kitchen too! such a summer time retreat!

  13. Love that burlap table runner, it is gorgeous.

    Leeann x

  14. So glad I found your blog through My Sweet Savannah-love all your runners in your shop!

  15. Found you thru My Sweet Savannah..Love everything in your etsy shop & have added it to my favorites!

  16. Nice runner- I love burlap. Over from My Sweet Savannah. Also love the old manuscripts you have shown. Since Jennifer "shared" them with you will you be able to "share" one with us readers without your stamp on it? Just wondering.

  17. corrierusch@gmail.comJune 01, 2010 1:23 PM

    heard about you through "my sweet savannah"! became a fan of yours on etsy too! love your work!

  18. I love your blog! I found it on "My Sweet Savannah". Your burlap runners are fabulous!

  19. Your blog is lovely! Thanks Sweet Savannah for the tip! Would love to win a fabulous runner!

  20. Found your blog through Sweet Savannah, will definitely be following from now on!

  21. I'm here from Sweet Savannah...your burlap work is gorgeous!!! Happy to be your latest follower!

    xoxo Beth

  22. You have such a lovely blog... came on over from My Sweet Savannah. Just became a follower and drooling over your gorgeous table runners!!

  23. Laurie I LOVE that kitchen, the colors, the hidden dishwasher...everything! Your runner made my heart speed up!!! LOVE it!

  24. Oh BTW, I've been a follower! ;-)

  25. Hi Laurie!

    Melaine and I live in the same area,,,,,she's seen me at my best (working or at a show) and at my worst (running in to the local Craft store for something,,looking like something the cat drug in!) I always enjoy when she shares a blogger/artisan that she enjoys!
    Nice to "meet you!"

    I love the burlap runner and have yet to check out your blog....but I have a comment on that beautiful script,,Gorgeous!!!

    Totally off topic, but saddens me to know that our kids will no longer be taught cursive.......What??? Such an artful/meaningful expression. I guess eventually we'll just have to admire that art form from afar!

    Okay,,,going to check out your blog! When you get a "few" stop over and check out my ADD,,,err, eclectic Blog!


  26. Hi Laurie,

    found u from mysweetsavannah, thanks for offering the giveaway :)

  27. Your burlap table runners are simply divine! So glad to find out about your blog through Melaine's blog. I am now a follower & will post the giveaway on my blog this evening:
    ~ Clare x

  28. What a beautiful kitchen! I also LOVE your burlap runner! Patti

  29. Love your blog! Love your burlap table runner!
    Will now be a follower!

  30. I saw your blog on My Sweet Savannah. I LOVE burlap and enjoyed your blog. I am checking out your shop right now. I am drooling over that runner!!! Can't wait to see what else you have in your shop. :)

  31. I found you through My Sweet Savannah! I love the burlap runner! Thank you for being so generous with the giveaway! Now i'm off to check out your etsy shop and make it one of my favorites!!

  32. You are very talented. I love everything burlap and especially love your ruffled table runner:)

  33. Found you on Sweet Savannah, and have signed up to be a follower. Thank you so much for the chance to win a gift certificate, I have admired your creations for a long time! Amy

  34. What a wonderful home! I think I told you before but I love your table runner!

  35. Fabulous burlap table runners! I've entered the giveaway, and I am so thankful to My Sweet Savannah for helping me discover your wonderful blog.

    Gypsy kisses,
    Lipstick Gypsy


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