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I am definitely Hooked on Cloches of all shapes and sizes!!! A CLOCHE IS LIKE A TINY GREENHOUSE that sits on a garden bed . They are perfect for growing  seeds and starting warm-weather plants early. The first bell-shaped glass cloches were invented in 1623 in Italy and were generally about 17 inches (43.2 cm) in diameter and 15 inches (38.1 cm) tall.


I’m sure you’re wondering where  I’m going with this?? I’m getting there guys, stay with me . .


Fast forward a few hundred years . . . .Those clever Europeans have brought cloches indoors to be used as decor!!!


Seen below this cloche is used with an aged pottery base.

I like to try different bases for fun. You can even use old Terra Cotta saucers beneath.

They come in all different sizes-Want one ? go here for more.


Now that’s some reeeally big cloche!!!


I like to group cloches with apothecary jars for an indoor garden. OMG


Start a grouping of your own favorite jars and plants.

Ferns thrive in a moist environment.



This is the Mac Daddy of all Cloches!!!!!



It is actually a conservatory and gathering place in a neighborhood of French style homes.  It creates the perfect focal point perched on a hill surrounded by urns, overflowing with colorful flowers.




Cloches have a special fascination for me, a fun new find.

Create a great weekend for yourselves!

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  1. Laurie, I've always been a fan of cloches, big and small, but you've really openened my eyes here. Thanks for such a great post!


  2. Hey Laurie,
    Thank you much for stopping by and taking great notice of my endearing jardin (garden) cloches.

    I just love them, and your blog was amazingly well presented with the history and designs style behind them.
    I loved the cloche over the moss bitten terra cotta drain dish my favorite garden look, yummy!!!

    I have a small shop and I took some of my treasured cloches to sell....Big! regret, I thought I could just go to the buyers mart buy more, hmmmm! another big mistake, you just cannot replace those old hand blown out of shape bubble seed glass cloches....but I will! I am on the hunt...I am thankful I kept some of them.

    Don't get rid of any thinking like myself that the market has over done them and you just want to be different like myself, hang onto those treasured domes they are magical!!!

    See you soon.
    Another California girl!!

  3. I love your post on cloches! I'm so used to using mine indoors to spotlight all types of collections, that I sometimes forget that they're really for starting plants! :-) I can't wait to read the rest of your blog! Patti in Texas

  4. I'm so into plants right now, and I had no idea that is what these were called. This weekend I am going to plant some flower seeds outside and start them with a cloche. And I'm also going to start a growing one in our bathroom! Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Laurie, I'm glad you like the photos I took of the conservatory near my home. I don't mind people using my photos on their blogs as long as they kindly give me the proper credit and a link back to my site. Here’s the original post I ran featuring this conservatory.


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