Monday, May 10, 2010

The Front Of Our House-All Grown Up


Here’s a glimpse of the planter to the right of our approach 2-3-2005, and the view out of my office window. I strategically placed

the fountain close to this window. “There’s a method to my madness.”  When I’m in my office, I hear the wonderful soothing sounds

of water. The iron arch on the right isn’t hanging there any longer. I moved it to a much more pleasing location. . .





bullion fringe 010

( After)


Fast forward five years, the foliage has filled in beautifully the shutters and planter shelf are repainted a smashing dark-espresso color. Dramatic, eh?


I have a lot of new friends that like to hang around my office since I’ve done all this sprucing . . .

Look closely at the very top of the fountain on the finial.  Do you see Him???  . . .  I love the way he tilts his head, I think he likes the espresso color we painted the shutters!!! lol

bullion fringe 014

Sometimes there are two or three at once drinking and bathing!

bullion fringe 016

These adorable little humming birds make my heart go pitter patter!!!

FYI, The shrub on the right is night blooming Jasmine,  it’s soooo fragrant and sweet-smelling!

bullion fringe 017

Just to the right of the fountain planter area is this gate to enter our itsy courtyard. We plan to replace it with a more Spanish looking scroll design soon. Notice how I moved the iron arch just inside the arch entrance to repeat the same pattern.


exter entry 021


Mi Casa Su Casa

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  1. Laurie,
    Beautifully inviting entrance.
    I would have placed the fountian where I could relax to the zen like mood that it would add to the gargen and home, perfect place for it.
    I love the cocoa color to the shutters very soothing in rich tone on tones.

    thank you for stopping by my place and your comment will be treasured :)

    I will be back soon

  2. So very pretty! Love that fountain and the color of the shutters, gorgeous!
    Take care

  3. I LOVE that you have hummingbirds drinking/bathing in your fountain! We hav a garden pond and one of the great joys of my day, is watching the various birds take their baths or get a drink. I LOVE how some of the birds wait patiently for their turn. BUT, some birds get impatient and shush the bather away!


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