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I want to share with you House Beautifuls pick of the month. This bold New York kitchen includes all the necessities for a perfect family

home. A blue periwinkle color verging on cobalt tile backsplash takes over one whole wall.  It's the one big, bold stroke of color, but boy, is it big. Heavy-duty marine lights above the island, so trendy! Deschutes sconces above the windows from Rejuvenation. The bistro stools are made in France and can be customized in various colors and patterns. All paint in the kitchen is Ralph Lauren Paint's Pocket Watch White in high gloss.

Mesmerizing isn’t it ?



The professional-style stainless-steel Garland range is paired with a Rangemaster hood.

The blue glass bottles on the countertop repeat the color of the blue glass tiles.

 The upper cabinets are faced with ribbed glass, which veils the contents. 

2-by-6-inch glass tiles.

The gooseneck faucet by Dornbracht is handy for filling a tall lobster pot.


White Manhattan Calacatta marble $$$$ . . .sigh. . . , with 11 coats of sealer on it. The designer found that 11 coats works best. 

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Elegant burlap . . .  yes it does exist!


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Good luck to everyone participating in My Sweet Savannah’s wonderful giveaway! I’m looking forward to getting to know all of Melaine’s peeps! Your arrival is a cause of joy, and I will try my best to greet you all!




 Delightful Antique Script


  A few months ago I was visiting with my lovely friend and antique collector, Jennifer - The Old Painted Cottage. I found myself marveling at several elegant antique

documents she had displayed in her living room. I excitedly asked her “ What are these documents ?” She replied “ They are official French government documents.” With a little arm twisting, she agreed to share copies. :-) I have a hunch their from the early 1800s.

 I love the charming sweeping,  flowing lines of ornamental script. If you look close, you can tell when the writer would need to reload his pen.  The script becomes more faint.

Eye-catching, isn’t it?

zoomed and edited French doc


No doubt treasures worthy of framing. Penmanship has become a lost art and who doesn’t dig French antiques!!! These documents are sought after by collectors for their decorative elegance.

 Zoomed #2


Jennifer has a trained eye for wonnnderful antiques!

I love the charming sweeping,  flowing lines of ornamental script. Eye-catching, isn’t it?

These delightful French documents even have official markings.

Who would have thunk? :-)

French Documents 003

They are great to decorate a home or office. 

Search online auctions, folk art galleries, antique stores, flea markets, and vintage-paper fairs.

French Documents 004

French Documents 005

Wanna see what I do with these documents? Stay tuned to Bella Inspirations - - -  I can’t wait to reveal !

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Church Rummage Sale- Part two

Hello you all, you know when I’m not blogging ???? . . . . . I’m most certainly up to something?

If you haven’t read my Church Rummage Sale post in January,  here’s a recap . . . 

Church Rummage Sale

Early one Saturday morning my good friend Jennifer and I found this charming wicker chair.  Belonging to a set of six additional wicker pieces.  I noticed a very interested buyer waiting to swoop in on my find,  so I quickly asked the church member “How much is your wicker set ?” He replied,  “$50.00,” as I rifled through my pocket,  I could barely get the moe (money) out fast enough. The wicker set included an amazing settee glider, two chairs ( one is a glider), ottoman, end table w/glass top, serving cart with glass top. WOW!


  Jennifer graciously  offered to haul the MOTHER LODE home for me. Her pick-up truck was stuffed full from top to bottom!! That's when I realized I loooove and adore this wonderful lady . . . We had the giggles as we drove away . . .

Grain sack 009



After further inspection,  I realized the paint was original and very charming. Hmph? I did want to keep it all original, but the wicker had quite a bit of mildew discoloration.

   My thoughts were to paint or not to paint ????



Here is where I left off back in January . . . .


I finally decided this yummy wicker set needed a fresh coat of paint.  After a trip to several stores, I realized none of them had the color I had envisioned in spray paint. Urgh




Inspiration paint color


$99.99 after $50 OFF  Portofino 3-pc Folding Bistro Set


… Sooo    Plan B, I custom mixed an oil base raw umber, hand brushed two labor-intensive coats .

wicker redo 001


I plan to do tufting on the back cushion soon,  . . . ANOTHER PROJECT!!!

Seen below inspiration fabric, deep rust tones with coordinating stripe.


Lily Bay Collection 6 Pc. Spice Casual Seating Set

Is this seat taken ???

wicker redo 002

Robert and I took our first trip downtown to the fabric mart,  to purchase foam and batting and upholstery supplies, $110.00.


wicker redo 007

Still waiting for some love. :-)


wicker redo 006 

 Chair and ottoman before cushions after two coats of paint.

via aurora patio 017



My sewing machine will be on full throttle the next few days. Stay tuned for Part Three!!!

I hope you have an inspiring weekend!!




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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Front Of Our House-All Grown Up


Here’s a glimpse of the planter to the right of our approach 2-3-2005, and the view out of my office window. I strategically placed

the fountain close to this window. “There’s a method to my madness.”  When I’m in my office, I hear the wonderful soothing sounds

of water. The iron arch on the right isn’t hanging there any longer. I moved it to a much more pleasing location. . .





bullion fringe 010

( After)


Fast forward five years, the foliage has filled in beautifully the shutters and planter shelf are repainted a smashing dark-espresso color. Dramatic, eh?


I have a lot of new friends that like to hang around my office since I’ve done all this sprucing . . .

Look closely at the very top of the fountain on the finial.  Do you see Him???  . . .  I love the way he tilts his head, I think he likes the espresso color we painted the shutters!!! lol

bullion fringe 014

Sometimes there are two or three at once drinking and bathing!

bullion fringe 016

These adorable little humming birds make my heart go pitter patter!!!

FYI, The shrub on the right is night blooming Jasmine,  it’s soooo fragrant and sweet-smelling!

bullion fringe 017

Just to the right of the fountain planter area is this gate to enter our itsy courtyard. We plan to replace it with a more Spanish looking scroll design soon. Notice how I moved the iron arch just inside the arch entrance to repeat the same pattern.


exter entry 021


Mi Casa Su Casa

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Etsy Update

~Just Listed~


Newest additions to my burlap line!!!




fringe w ribbon

fringe wide ribbon



fringe clse


fringe & ribbon








I am definitely Hooked on Cloches of all shapes and sizes!!! A CLOCHE IS LIKE A TINY GREENHOUSE that sits on a garden bed . They are perfect for growing  seeds and starting warm-weather plants early. The first bell-shaped glass cloches were invented in 1623 in Italy and were generally about 17 inches (43.2 cm) in diameter and 15 inches (38.1 cm) tall.


I’m sure you’re wondering where  I’m going with this?? I’m getting there guys, stay with me . .


Fast forward a few hundred years . . . .Those clever Europeans have brought cloches indoors to be used as decor!!!


Seen below this cloche is used with an aged pottery base.

I like to try different bases for fun. You can even use old Terra Cotta saucers beneath.

They come in all different sizes-Want one ? go here for more.


Now that’s some reeeally big cloche!!!


I like to group cloches with apothecary jars for an indoor garden. OMG


Start a grouping of your own favorite jars and plants.

Ferns thrive in a moist environment.



This is the Mac Daddy of all Cloches!!!!!



It is actually a conservatory and gathering place in a neighborhood of French style homes.  It creates the perfect focal point perched on a hill surrounded by urns, overflowing with colorful flowers.




Cloches have a special fascination for me, a fun new find.

Create a great weekend for yourselves!

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