Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who Loves Container Gardening ?!



To start I used this LARGE appealing pottery bowl, with a  slightly distressed patina.

I managed to snag a pair of these beauties at a garage sale in a very affluent neighborhood… :-)


A client was kind enough to donate her succulent trimmings for this container project.  You know I can’t just plant, I have to turn this into a “another PROJECT” as my husband would say. Chuckle

Sooo, fill your container half way with cactus soil. Install wire mesh with large holes, shaped into a dome. The dome I now realize should have been a bit higher. hmph

container garden 006 

Succulents can thrive out of water and soil for a considerable period of time. Once planted they are happy in a bright sunny location!

container garden 014

Arrange them in a cluster with the petite blooms towards the bottom.

container garden 013

Notice the spectrum of blue-gray, green and purple hues.

 container garden 015

You can use bowls, trays, troughs, or saucers to display succulents. They look lush and vibrant even on a dry, hot summer day.


container garden 017


My interior and exterior designs are natural and organic. I love to use living plants in unusual ways, succulent displays are quite the trend. When several are grouped together, they have a substantial impact. You can use them where everything else dies for you, you will love them.



water and sunlight

Sometimes, the simplest methods bring the most satisfying results. This handsome pot was soaked in a tub of water until algae grew on its surface.  Algae grows

best in the sun,  so be sure that vessel sit in bright locations and that water is replenished as it evaporates.

 Do you like the patina on this pottery ??

tips and tricks of pottery_0001


Or do you like the distress on this pottery ??


This method provides instant gratification, and quickly tones down the harsh orange of many new pots. Try to emulate the subtle streaks of old pottery.



tips and tricks of pottery_0002

Use a brush to apply lime solution to the pot, employing random strokes to paint on solution thickly in some areas, thinly in others.

tips and tricks of pottery_0003  



Fill spray bottle with water, set it on “stream” setting, and coat pot in various spots while lime is still wet. This thins the coating for a more natural look. Let dry.


 tips and tricks of pottery_0004 


Sand pot in random directions, wiping dust off frequently, until you have achieved the desired look.

tips and tricks of pottery_0005


Happy Thursday! I hope your day brings happiness and creativity.

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  1. Your pot looks fantastic Laurie, and thanks for the tips on aging and liming the pots. Great to know! xx

  2. What a gorgeous pot you filled. Stunning, and it will only get better and better. It's so nice to meet you! xo Lidy

  3. Love this...the distressed pot is perfect and I like how you used the wire to constructed it and give it stability. The succulents you chose are lovely and are so easy to care for - Great Idea Laurie! xo

  4. I just learned some new things today, thank you my friend! Great post by the way!!


  5. Laurie, I too love the succulents! What a lovely display of them all grouped together. Great impact! I wish I lived in that afflucent neighborhood! Nice find! : )


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