Monday, April 5, 2010


T he charm of these sturdy chairs is amplified by timeless linen fabric.  Linen is a show stopper. . . . besides being pretty it’s elegant!!! Who wouldn't  love to have these beauties displayed in their home? excitement!!!

Excuse me is this seat taken???

The linen sheers with interlocking pattern exude tranquility.

The chairs are so versatile they can be played up or down depending on your personal design style. Paired with this large-scale wallpaper for a more elegant look.

There’s strength in neutral pallets !!! I love the dramatic texture of de Le Cuona linen :-)

Curtain in Antique Silver backed with Rural Stone LINEN

contrasting textures. . . a visual feast

Linen Throw with self knotted tassels in Charcoal an unexpected touch.


Happy Monday! I hope your day brings happiness and creativity.



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  1. What beautiful images, the chairs are gorgeous and I especially like the chairs against the wallpaper! xx

  2. Christi KlosterApril 05, 2010 1:31 PM

    Dear Laurie,
    I just wanted to tell you that I looooove your website. You have such a knack for design and just incredible taste. Although I just your website religiously, this is the first time I have written. I just wanted you to know how inspiring your projects and ideas are! I love the linen curtains, especially puddled on that exquisite wood floor. Where did you find that fabric? Who is the manufacturer?
    Can't wait until your next posting! Christi Kloster

  3. A beautiful Blog Award has been passed to you!

  4. Hi, Laurie, I received my runner today and it is so beautiful.....I JUST LOVE IT TO PIECES. And, it so well made. Thank you so much!
    xo bj

  5. O, and I meant to add how fast you shipped. AMAZING!! :)

  6. Laurie, What beautiful and bold neutrals. I am so taken with the chairs against the lovely wallpaper. And the textures give so much interest to this beautiful pallete! So tastefully done.

  7. Laurie, How lucky I am to have a designer that is so helpful. I so appreciate you "personal shopping" for me. As a busy mother of 3 and an RN, my time is limited. You listened to my requests and have found exactly what I wanted. As always your thoughts and suggestions are very appreciated. A job well done!

  8. Loved BJs runner! Oh how beautiful! Beautiful pillow! Enjoy your evening!


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