Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Planning a wall of Pictures

T his vintage postcard is a  photograph of a Sir Lankan orchid. It is float-mounted so it’s edges are showing-on a linen-covered back board. It is then double-matted and offset by a faux-bamboo frame. A mat protects as much as it enhances,the life span of a photo from roughly ten to upward of a hundred years

“hmph”.  A single, continuous strip of tape hinges front and backboards together so they open like a book. The art work is secured with minimal adhesive so

that, if and when it has to be removed, it need not be ripped. Fashioning your own can save you a great deal of $$$$$. 


At Last, a fullproof way to “yes you have to PLAN” a display of framed pictures without leaving a wall of misplaced nail holes( that's me). Because low tack drafting tape is used to hang these templates,  you can move them around until you find that perfect spot.  First, trace the picture frames on kraft paper,  and cut out the templates. Pull the hanging wire on the back of each frame taut,  and measure from top of the wire’s arc to the top of the frame. On the matching template, measure in from the top edge this same distance,  to mark where the picture hook should meet the wire. Lay the picture hook on the template so that the bottom of the hook is on the mark; make another mark where the nail hole will go. When you are satisfied with the placement of each template, hammer the nails through the picture hooks into the wall,  right over the marks in the paper. I can’t wait to try this! Rip the kraft paper off, leaving the nails and hooks in place,  and hang your perfectly arranged pictures.


wall of pict retouch


This wall of picture design seen below is quite unique and different. Keeping this design in mind you could use any frame style you choose.


For a more professional product I’ve found ThePerfectPictureWall a sophisticated system for hanging pictures. This product is used frequently by Candice Olson the host of HGTV’s “Devine Design”. :-)

This photo wall is quite a wonderful focal point!


photo wall

For design inquiries,  write to Laurie at me-n-you@verizon.net



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