Monday, April 12, 2010

Pick of the week

I love this Blake lounge chair from Crate and Barrel.  It's handcrafted of solid teak and natural rattan.  The teak has a beautiful worn gray finish making this chair feel vintage.  The back and arms on this chair are a handwoven natural rattan which adds a nice texture juxtaposed against the teak wood. 

Blake Lounge Blake Lounge 2




I Will Follow You Anywhere

My sweet friend Jennifer was kind enough to invite me to join her for her weekly antique shopping excursions.   As we walked around the flea market, I noticed Jennifer down on her knee inspecting this wonderful antique. “That Jennifer , she knows her stuff, she likes things that are old and "have a story." At first glance I fell in love with the vintage markings, and wondered what story goes with this container???Jennifer graciously allowed me to purchase the container for a mere $20.00. Once I brought it to it’s new home several friends and family said, “ My grandmother had a container just like that!”   My mom confirmed their recollections,  “Could be a storage container for misc food items.  I remember my grandma had these and she put olives, pickles, etc. in them - in the days before refrigerators, these thick crocks helped to  keep the food cool, especially when stored in a cellar or basement.” Wow this crock is reeeeally old!   I had my story!


linen pillow 010

Vintage markings I fell in love with! Since pickles are now stored in the refrigerator and I don't have a cellar. I have other plans for this crock.

linen pillow 012

The clay feet seen below are available at most nurseries and Home Depot. Aren't they cute ??

linen pillow 006

These useful clay feet are little ledges for outdoor pottery. I just love them, thanks for the tip, mom!!!

linen pillow 005 

Here I am all dressed up in my new high heels!!!!

linen pillow 013

I absolutely love my new outdoor planter, it has tons of character!!

linen pillow 009


Happy Monday! I hope your day brings happiness and creativity.

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  1. And what a beautiful story it is, my dear Laurie.


  2. You lucky thing Laurie, what a great find and I love the idea of using it as a planter. Just gorgeous. xx

  3. Love3 Jennifer, love your pot, too! I have a large crock like that on my deck.:)


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