Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Terra Cotta Fun and Games

With spring just around the corner my designing mind moves outdoors. An outdoor space is a room with a view-anything from a family garden or an exposed roof terrace to a tiny balcony. A lot of the same rules apply when we design outdoor spaces that we use for indoor spaces. This terra cotta planter grouping is designed with highs and lows for visual interest. I also like to use different shapes and sizes of planters. When designing for outdoors think of it as an extension of your indoor rooms.  There are several wonderful books The Outdoor Room by Jamie Durie,  Outdoor Spaces by Gilly Love.


Using pottery upside down creates a tall pedestal. You can also use wrought iron pedestals of varying heights with saucers turned over on them. Closely group and even overlap pottery.

Picture 054 

When plants are grouped together,  it gives the WOW factor!

Picture 089

Experiment and have fun, you can use old vintage urns or any pottery collection you like filled with your favorite annuals and perennials.

retouch sperling

What a gorgeous outdoor view, the perfect recipe for a charming planter garden! :-)


Picture 007

I love they way the color is tucked around the bottom of this gnarly topiary !! Nice touch!!



Coming up in a few days the finished baseboards. I can’t wait for you to see them. Well be back!

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  1. I love those flower vignettes! Its amazing..Yes my Italian sister! You can def put me on your places to visit. I am honored..~lulu

  2. Perfect! I've been thinking about the spring flowers and if it's too early to start getting them. I can't wait to see that floor trim! Lisa~

  3. I just love spring and love to dabble in the garden. I will use some of these ideas to help transform my backyard. I also love to group planters and find it does make a larger statement.

  4. Obviously your designing mind also includes the outdoors! With warm weather right around the corner, I'll be duplicating some of your really clever ideas. Thanks.


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