Monday, March 29, 2010

Newbie Blogger, That’s me!

Ever since I started blogging in December of 2009,  my friends and family, who are not familiar with blogging, keep asking me the same question.  “What do you get from blogging?” Hmph!

My response is always the same. “I have taken away so many positive things wonderful new friends, and a plethora of knowledge, I suppose I’ll be blogging ad infinitum!” Currently, one of my many favorite blogs is Cote de Texas I truly admire Joni’s fascinating work and love her style of writing.  Among her many talents, she has a wonderful podcast called the Skirted Roundtable,  which is where I stumbled on this story about blogger jealousy, -- I would like to share with you.



S ome people show off their kids . . . I brag about my Chocolate lab adore! His name is Titus see below at eight weeks old! OMG


baby titus

Here he is Mom your grandson! I think he has your eye’s? LOL


Titus is half way through his life at 6 years old & 70 lbs and loves to play all normal doggie games.  Although this game creation is to cute not to share. When we are outside in the backyard, he loves to play hide-n-seek. This game he created all by his darling little self. When I call him he hides behind shrubs & bushes. “ Titus I see you” he then proceeds to the next hiding spot.  lol


linen pillow 015

“ Titus Where are you?”

linen pillow 014

“ Titus Where are you?”

linen pillow 018

This as you can guess goes on and on!  It’s to cute!!!!


Happy Monday!






  1. Hide-n-seek - too cute! Titus is a handsome fellow! I am partial to labs. I have a yellow lab and volunteer with a Labrador Retriever rescue group. I just love that last picture of him!

    ~ Tracy

  2. What a cutie pie!!! My dad often refers to my two Yorkies as his,"Boys". It always cracks me up....they love him to death too!

  3. I found your site while entering a giveaway on Old Painted Cottage. Oh my goodness your puppy is sooo cute. I love that he invented his own game! I have several pups of my own and love to watch their antics. yours is a cutie-pie.

  4. OH, he is the cutest thing!!! I have a nine year old chocolate lab named Mabel. They are the sweetest dogs ever. We sent Mabel to obedient school when she was 12 weeks old, and she has been a "perfect" dog.. Don't you just love their expressions?
    Spoil him rotten.. :)


  5. Be still my heart...Titus, I love you!


  6. He is so sweet! I love him hiding in the plants.

  7. I found you through the old painted cottage giveaway
    thanks for having a giveaway
    and your puppy is adorable!!!
    I love his color

  8. I came over from The Old Painted Cottage as well. I love your chocolate baby. I have Brown Newfs and a Chocolate lab mix named Godiva. I am enjoying the music.


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