Monday, March 8, 2010

Baseboards 101 Continued

To prepare baseboards for paint,  we used 1 1/2” low tack painters tape above the half round molding,  and blue painters tape w/ 12” cover paper to protect the floor.

copper 002

Making sure to leave the 1 inch wall space between the baseboards exposed.

copper 003

 The walls are painted with Ralph Lauren Suede  Silver City. This paint evokes hand brushed rich elegance. The baseboards are already primed . .  Yeah!….one less step… Are we ready to rock-n-roll honey??


copper 001

I chose to paint the baseboards to match all of the existing woodwork in the room. seen below is the first coat . . .

miss farm table 015second coat . . .



miss farm table 013

 Wait hold on! . . . . . .Pump the brakes . . .  we removed the tape to reveal this . . .  YIKES!  . . . . Robert(my husband) “ GRUMBLE GRUMBLE” As you can see below the paint ran underneath the tape.

Okay Laurie, time to dig deep and devise a plan. Honey, I think we should re-tape and a use water base glaze between the tape and the paint to create a barrier. Robert . . . . “GRUMBLE GRUMBLE”



miss farm table 018


Stay tuned for more baseboard blunders!  LOL







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  1. Hi Laurie,
    Decided to stop by and see what you're up to this week. The baseboards look amazing! This is what I have been hoping to do at my home. Thanks for the detailed instructions and great photos! I'll be back soon.

  2. Your work is amazing. You turned a very ordinary room into an extraordinary room. I love it!

  3. Your baseboards look amazing! I have a great painting trick that helps with the paint from spreading under the tape. First, after you tape, using the wall color, paint and seal the tape and baseboard seam. After that dries then paint your baseboard color. Anything that leaks will be the first coat which is the wall color. Works everytime and so worth the extra step!!

  4. Mine do this EVERY TIME I paint! Why can't we just come up with a paint that doesn't leak?!? It's so unbelievable!

    Your baseboards look AWESOME! Wanna come do my house?! :)

  5. I love the color of the baseboards. Best of luck working with the tape, I found that either the paint bled or when the paint dried and you pull off the tape it peals off some of the wall color. I gave up using the tape and learned from a pro to find a really good angled brush and only put so much paint on the brush, after a few tries you can do it too, and you will never go back to tape.

  6. Sorry forgot the whole reason I came to the blog, I absolutely love the burlap runner, great ideas.


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