Friday, February 12, 2010




I suppose that part of life is learning to adjust our mind set,  and embrace change . . . especially design changes! Some of you might not be devoted to the burlap look. But I’m becoming quite a fan of it! This last month at every available opportunity,  I’ve been designing with burlap. I hope the photos below will inspire you!



burlap runners 020


gnash your choppers on this tasty deliciousness . . .


burlap runners 013


love the frayed fringe . .



burlap runners 015


This runner oversized runner would look phenomenal on a farm table.


burlap runners 022






burlap runners 018


I used this vintage brown velvet ribbon with a shorter fringe edge for a more sophisticated look.


burlap runners 008



burlap runners 009




burlap runners 004


I worked in a little fun photography too. :-)


burlap runners 007


Did my thing again with this double thickness runner and selvedge ruffle.



burlap runners 027


I will be adding new ideas that will inspire you to express your style.  Look for even more burlap designs soon.

Happy weekend !!


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  1. Your new runners are gorgeous Laurie, and so is your photography! Wow!


  2. Very interesting touch Laurie, I like the idea of old and new together. As always, very creative ideas. And not too bad with the camera action too!

  3. Got to have two of your runners - especially love the style w/brown velvet ribbon. Please quote sizes and prices.

  4. Love these runners. Such creativity!


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