Monday, February 8, 2010

Eye catching drapery makeover'

My client was tired of her current draperies,  and was longing for a new stylish look.  Color plays a key role in triggering our nostalgia.  Seen below to the right original drapery panel and hardware,  and to the left,  the new updated look with sunshine golds and yellows.






This beautiful poly-silk blend has a unique graphic print. The fabric captures the light and adds drama.






We snagged an incredible deal on the wonderful fabric at the L.A. fabric mart. My client is such an amazing seamstress,  she hand made all the panels. The drapes are lined with sateen drapery lining. :-)






The DARK oversized Eddie Bauer drapery hardware was on sale for 70% off ! Love the pineapple finials, too.






The dummy panels are used for visual effect only,  light control and privacy is adjusted with the blinds underneath. If you haven't heard the term dummy panel,  it simply means that the drapery panel remains in place.






We used a total of six dummy panels to complete this magnificent new look.








I transformed this design to translate simple and elegant.






I did my thing and here is the finished result. I hope you can use these tips to make your house a home!







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  1. Looks amazing! Window treatments really finish off a house! Love the stripe. Great job! ~lulu

  2. Another beautiful room. I love how the drapes have been lifted above the windows to make the windows appear larger. Makes everything more wide open. Great work! ( as usual)


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