Monday, February 15, 2010


M elissa,  a very busy working mother,  decided it was time to move her tween daughter into her own grown-up bedroom.  Since the existing guest bedroom wasn’t being used much, she opted to use this room.  Although the room had good bones, it was a cold blank slate. (Did I mention this bedroom makeover is a surprise?)

kk's 008 


The existing wall color lacked the “wow” factor.



kk's 004


The perfect spot for our new light fixture.



 kk's 010



  This striking prism-cut Lucite orb fixture was purchased at the Z Gallery and my client found the perfect ceiling medallion. Lighting is the most effective way to add ambience.



 kk's 013


I frown at itsy-bitsy,  teeny-weeny art work on large wall spans. It just doesn’t work. Can you imagine how it would look if we just hung one note board? Uum  :-( 

I designed this note board by joining six smaller boards together to create one larger for maximum IMPACT!!

A wonderful way of personalizing the space.


Copy of kks 005





 Melissa and I had many conversations prior to the makeover. I really pushed to convince this mother daughter team in the direction of a trendy tufted headboard . . .   Target 

The three dimensional flowers add a touch of whimsy.


I chose a mid-tone robust brown,   Dunn Edwards Colorado Trail. The reflective nightstand  and lamp next to the bed bring light into the space.



kk's 016


The circle pattern of the light fixture is repeated on the drapery panels and ottoman.  Pretty nifty,  eh?


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Fun Roxy comforter set was a birthday gift for Kayla,  from her grandmother.


kks 011


Melissa is so llllloved, she had plenty of family and friends to help out with the tasks at hand!! I stuck around most of the day because I love and adore this wonderful family!



 kks 017



This space was crying out for a happy ending.  So I gave it a dreamy makeover full of cool colors and tween fantasy.

You’ve come a long way baby… 



 kk's 008



Wishing you a cozy evening!




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  1. What a gorgeous transformation Laurie- great job!

  2. Laurie, Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping my daughters dream room come to life. Your suggestions all worked out so well and we are thrilled with all the results. Can't wait to move on to the next room. Melissa

  3. Great idea with the memo boards...a bigger statement is always a plus! Thanks for following!

  4. Wow! You turned a room quite ordinary into a room that's extraordinary! You made a tween's dream come true. Beautiful.

  5. I love the 3d flowers.... your link takes me to BB&B but I can't locate them. Could you tell a little more where to find them? A beautiful room, I'm transforming a big girl room in my house. Thats why the flowers

  6. love the new room! but what did you do with the old bedframe??? I think you need to sell it to me!! :)



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