Friday, February 5, 2010

California Chic . . She’s Trendy

My dear friend and confidant Jacquie makes darling rag-style quilted handbags & diaper bags,  blankets and Accessories.



 Jacq & I

             Jacquie on right. . .me on the left


“The only way to have a friend is to be one” Emerson




Handbag_0001_Sin City_700_840_200



Each bag is beautifully lined with coordinating fabric!!



 Handbag_0006_Jacqs Orig_700_870_200


She is such a great seamstress, that's just one of her many talents!



Handbag_0019_Choco Flower_700_840_200


Visit Jacquie's wonderful website



Handbag_0007_P Runway_700_840_200



Most handbags close with a unique clear rhinestone button.



Daiper Bag_0005_Pink Toile_700_840_200



“minky fabric”  . . . .  It’s is so super soft,  similar to Chenille!!



Quilt_0002_Minky Animal_1875_1405_300



Jacquie brings up a good point.  Every purchase you make with a small business.  Keeps larger business from exporting to other countries. Good one Jacq!!!

TGIF . .




  1. Great post, Laurie. I really like Jacquie's handbags. You two look like sisters!


  2. Hi Laurie!! I can't thank you enough for posting my products on your site!! I love your website and will be sharing it many of my friends!! See you tomorrow!!


  3. Thanks for the the link! great bags! off to browse! ~lulu


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