Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baseboards 101


A fter a one hour long baseboard extravaganza at THE HOME DEPOT

with my husband and cousin close at hand to help out, we finally devised

a  plan to use a larger baseboard at the bottom and a half round above it.

I wanted the baseboards to have a total height of eight inches, without the $$$$ of an eight inch baseboard.



See below 5 1/2” primed pine

baseboard  . . .




salon baseboards 018




1 1/2” inch round when paired up with the 5 1/2” inch plus the inch between will appear as a whopping eight inches of baseboards.



salon baseboards 011



Half round to be mounted on the wall leaving one inch between both baseboards.



 salon baseboards 010


primed pine baseboards



Robert will use one of many tools. This is called a SPEED SQUARE ???? When I am anxious with excitement, this tool doesn’t seem very speedy!!  Wonder why It’s called a speed square???



salon baseboards 022


This is a wonderful compound miter saw. There are so many things you can do with it!



 salon baseboards 019


2 inch finish nails


salon baseboards 020


Before baseboards . . .


salon baseboards 006




salon baseboards 016



Titus is always close by to lend a helping muzzle . . . . love that face!



 salon baseboards 027


salon baseboards 026


Carefully find and mark all the studs!


salon baseboards 030


“There so many other things I’d rather be doing  … cycling, surfing . ..cycling . . .surfing…..cycling, surfing”



salon baseboards 025


Countersink each nail . . .

“Are we done yet ???”


salon baseboards 032


We did it! The bottom baseboard is finished and mounted in place.



salon baseboards 008


Honey, please pass the caulking! :-)



salon baseboards 024



Mark one inch above existing baseboard to use as guide for half round.



salon baseboards 033




salon baseboards 035


Next the baseboards and the exposed wall between will be painted darker than the wall color. So they appear as one large baseboard. You can also use this idea with white paint or any color you choose.



salon baseboards 034 


I hope you can use these tips to make your house a home.


We will post on the finished baseboards, tune in!


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  1. Love the idea. I too love high molding on the bottom of the wall and top. Defines the room so much more. What troopers are husbands are to do these things for us..Great job as usual! ~lulu

  2. Laurie, I am learning so much from you girl! I can't wait to see the finished product in person!


  3. Oooh I LOVE this tip! I'll be thinking and thinking of how I can use this idea! Lisa~

  4. Nice idea Laurie, too bad you didn't have an engineer with you to help you with your thought process! I know how difficult it can be to choose what we like and save $ too. Good choice though! : )

  5. Impressive to say the least. Very creative and economical upgrade. The end result would make anyone proud to show off their home. Good to have your own personal handyman with all the right tools and the patience required to see your ideas through....Dynamic change. What a fabulous cost saving idea. Love your presentation - step by step with personality! Your extraordinary vision inspires me. Unmistakably "Laurie"!!!

    Kathleen Hoffmann

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  7. Laurie, I am so glad I found your blog! The inspiration is endless! Thanks for sharing, also Love the burlap runner! :)

  8. great, thank you for sharing this!!


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