Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baroque vinyl graphic


Iintroduced my client to this charming vinyl graphic.They are becoming quite common in itsy sizes, although I prefer them on a much larger scale.   My thought is to ease into this new concept slowly with her.  As she begins to warm up to it,  I will communicate and massage in a much larger graphic for the future. But for now, this is just the beginning! The walls were first painted with Dunn Edwards, Colorado Trail.The graphic comes with a peel-off backing. 



graphic 001



I purchased this graphic on Etsy for $55.00 from LeenTheGraphicsQueen she has a charming collection.


The backing is slowly peeled off to revel this dramatic graphic!  :-)



 graphic 002


I love these graphic’s over single mirror, so they almost look like they are joined as one! This presents a grander scale . . . :-)



graphic 004


The graphic measures 22” tall and 60” wide.



graphic 005



It reeealy defines this reclaimed pine headboard and brings a focal point into the room.



graphic 006



I love the whimsy,  of this design.  :-)



 graphic 007

Happy weekend!


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  1. Hi Laurie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Be prepared to have hours and hours sucked away with blogging.

  2. What a pretty addition that makes. Love the colors you chose too.

    Wishing you a wonderful day. It's finally warmed up just a bit here.

  3. Oh, I love this! I actually just suggested this to a friend! Great minds think alike!

  4. Hi Laurie
    Thanks for popping over my way... I think Bromeliad has said it well... haha blogging can be addictive!!

    Well.. I like the idea of these graphics.. but as I am currently renting It's a big no no to put anything on the walls.. very annoying.. Hope you client enjoys her decal!! There are so many great choices now... but I like this simple baroque design.. have fun out there.. xx Julie

  5. Fantastic Idea Laurie! I love the detail and how simple it looks to apply for such a dramatic affect! Stunning my friend! ~lulu

  6. Hi Laurie
    me again.. thanks for your comments on the vintage photos.. they are mostly family photos which I have altered.[except a few posts]... I sort of forgot they were there..Have a great week xx Julie

  7. I really like this, and the size is perfect. I would love to try one. Thanks for sharing

  8. Now that's an easy and attractive touch - I will go to your source for further info on color and sizes. Thanks for a really great idea!

  9. Great touch on the wall. Of course I love the music too.

  10. Laurie, you right this little addition makes a huge impact! You're always on target with scale. I can see how this larger vinyl makes more of an impact. Really good idea!


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