Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baroque vinyl graphic


Iintroduced my client to this charming vinyl graphic.They are becoming quite common in itsy sizes, although I prefer them on a much larger scale.   My thought is to ease into this new concept slowly with her.  As she begins to warm up to it,  I will communicate and massage in a much larger graphic for the future. But for now, this is just the beginning! The walls were first painted with Dunn Edwards, Colorado Trail.The graphic comes with a peel-off backing. 



graphic 001



I purchased this graphic on Etsy for $55.00 from LeenTheGraphicsQueen she has a charming collection.


The backing is slowly peeled off to revel this dramatic graphic!  :-)



 graphic 002


I love these graphic’s over single mirror, so they almost look like they are joined as one! This presents a grander scale . . . :-)



graphic 004


The graphic measures 22” tall and 60” wide.



graphic 005



It reeealy defines this reclaimed pine headboard and brings a focal point into the room.



graphic 006



I love the whimsy,  of this design.  :-)



 graphic 007

Happy weekend!


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baseboards 101


A fter a one hour long baseboard extravaganza at THE HOME DEPOT

with my husband and cousin close at hand to help out, we finally devised

a  plan to use a larger baseboard at the bottom and a half round above it.

I wanted the baseboards to have a total height of eight inches, without the $$$$ of an eight inch baseboard.



See below 5 1/2” primed pine

baseboard  . . .




salon baseboards 018




1 1/2” inch round when paired up with the 5 1/2” inch plus the inch between will appear as a whopping eight inches of baseboards.



salon baseboards 011



Half round to be mounted on the wall leaving one inch between both baseboards.



 salon baseboards 010


primed pine baseboards



Robert will use one of many tools. This is called a SPEED SQUARE ???? When I am anxious with excitement, this tool doesn’t seem very speedy!!  Wonder why It’s called a speed square???



salon baseboards 022


This is a wonderful compound miter saw. There are so many things you can do with it!



 salon baseboards 019


2 inch finish nails


salon baseboards 020


Before baseboards . . .


salon baseboards 006




salon baseboards 016



Titus is always close by to lend a helping muzzle . . . . love that face!



 salon baseboards 027


salon baseboards 026


Carefully find and mark all the studs!


salon baseboards 030


“There so many other things I’d rather be doing  … cycling, surfing . ..cycling . . .surfing…..cycling, surfing”



salon baseboards 025


Countersink each nail . . .

“Are we done yet ???”


salon baseboards 032


We did it! The bottom baseboard is finished and mounted in place.



salon baseboards 008


Honey, please pass the caulking! :-)



salon baseboards 024



Mark one inch above existing baseboard to use as guide for half round.



salon baseboards 033




salon baseboards 035


Next the baseboards and the exposed wall between will be painted darker than the wall color. So they appear as one large baseboard. You can also use this idea with white paint or any color you choose.



salon baseboards 034 


I hope you can use these tips to make your house a home.


We will post on the finished baseboards, tune in!


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enticing California Exterior

O ur house was built nine years ago. Seen below are the original colors the builder used to paint our home.

befor paint


As you can see the paint has reeealy faded due to the elements, dreary isn’t it?

before paint


This paint is my new best friend!

Who is the genius at BEHR that eliminated an extra step??? . . Makes me smile . . . . Since my husband’s patience is just a “skosh” short, and I will see the results sooner!! YEAH :-)

“Paint & Primer In One”



( French Roast) I love this shade!



Browns have a powerful connection with our spiritual and introspective side, and is easily paired with many other colors.

close up


The refreshed garage and shutters only took one gallon of paint $35.00 . . . . and no primer :-)

exter entry 006



I hope this color can help you create the stunning color schemes you’ve always wanted.

exter entry 016



Yesterday while walking my dog, I noticed this rain gutter should have been painted the same color as the rain gutter below the eaves. hmph !!

What an eyesore :-(

rain gutter



I purchased the reproduction architectural pillars seen below at Home Goods for $59.00 each . .what a find . .wish they were old.

Mi Casa Su Casa

exter entry 021




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Monday, February 15, 2010


M elissa,  a very busy working mother,  decided it was time to move her tween daughter into her own grown-up bedroom.  Since the existing guest bedroom wasn’t being used much, she opted to use this room.  Although the room had good bones, it was a cold blank slate. (Did I mention this bedroom makeover is a surprise?)

kk's 008 


The existing wall color lacked the “wow” factor.



kk's 004


The perfect spot for our new light fixture.



 kk's 010



  This striking prism-cut Lucite orb fixture was purchased at the Z Gallery and my client found the perfect ceiling medallion. Lighting is the most effective way to add ambience.



 kk's 013


I frown at itsy-bitsy,  teeny-weeny art work on large wall spans. It just doesn’t work. Can you imagine how it would look if we just hung one note board? Uum  :-( 

I designed this note board by joining six smaller boards together to create one larger for maximum IMPACT!!

A wonderful way of personalizing the space.


Copy of kks 005





 Melissa and I had many conversations prior to the makeover. I really pushed to convince this mother daughter team in the direction of a trendy tufted headboard . . .   Target 

The three dimensional flowers add a touch of whimsy.


I chose a mid-tone robust brown,   Dunn Edwards Colorado Trail. The reflective nightstand  and lamp next to the bed bring light into the space.



kk's 016


The circle pattern of the light fixture is repeated on the drapery panels and ottoman.  Pretty nifty,  eh?


kks 015 


Fun Roxy comforter set was a birthday gift for Kayla,  from her grandmother.


kks 011


Melissa is so llllloved, she had plenty of family and friends to help out with the tasks at hand!! I stuck around most of the day because I love and adore this wonderful family!



 kks 017



This space was crying out for a happy ending.  So I gave it a dreamy makeover full of cool colors and tween fantasy.

You’ve come a long way baby… 



 kk's 008



Wishing you a cozy evening!




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Friday, February 12, 2010




I suppose that part of life is learning to adjust our mind set,  and embrace change . . . especially design changes! Some of you might not be devoted to the burlap look. But I’m becoming quite a fan of it! This last month at every available opportunity,  I’ve been designing with burlap. I hope the photos below will inspire you!



burlap runners 020


gnash your choppers on this tasty deliciousness . . .


burlap runners 013


love the frayed fringe . .



burlap runners 015


This runner oversized runner would look phenomenal on a farm table.


burlap runners 022






burlap runners 018


I used this vintage brown velvet ribbon with a shorter fringe edge for a more sophisticated look.


burlap runners 008



burlap runners 009




burlap runners 004


I worked in a little fun photography too. :-)


burlap runners 007


Did my thing again with this double thickness runner and selvedge ruffle.



burlap runners 027


I will be adding new ideas that will inspire you to express your style.  Look for even more burlap designs soon.

Happy weekend !!


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