Thursday, January 28, 2010

Foyer Reveal


I designed these three mirrors to hang,  with each frame touching. This gives the illusion of a faux window. They bring tremendous light into this dark foyer!

Let the sun shine in . . .


foyer re


Please excuse the dark photos,  I took the photos on a (much needed) rainy day.

Love the scroll work on this Antique iron console !!! It’s a keeper . . .


 foyer reveal retouch  



A wide natural burlap ribbon used around the pottery adds texture!



foyer reveal 004



Yummy fresh elements in my vignettes . . . .

 The fresh oranges add a punch of color . . . .Fresh squeezed anyone ???



foyer reveal 016






foyer reveal 013


This white Cymbidium orchid is one of the most SPECTAULAR, I’ve ever seen !!! I incorporated the “drapey” moss for extra visual interest.



foyer reveal 011



I have a pet peeve about using artificial  flowers in any shape or form . This “drapey” moss is the enemy, silk!



foyer reveal 012


   Rich Carrera marble is timeless! :-) Doesn’t she have nice legs ???






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  1. I certainly love all your touches. I really makes a house a home! I love the antique table too. I am sure this is a treasured pieces and a great focal point for an entry. Keep them coming.

  2. foyer looks amazing..setting the stage as you walk into your warm and inviting home! great job! lulu

  3. Beautiful! I would never have thougt to hang the mirrors like that and I love it. What a great idea.
    Is the bow that is tied around the flower pot made out of burlap?
    That is what it looks like.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Laurie, those mirrors are gorgeous and I love your vignette with the 'pop of orange'!


  5. One way or another, I'm going to use every one of your ideas! Beautiful! Photos are great. No doubt you're a talented designer. Good luck to you!


  6. Hi Laurie,
    Great ideas! They look so prettty.
    I am making some glittery hearts, cones, boxes and wreaths for Valentine's Day.
    Have a great weekend,

  7. What a wonderful outcome, you must be delighted! xx


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