Monday, January 25, 2010

Church Rummage Sale


Early one Saturday morning my good friend Jennifer and I found this charming wicker chair,  belonging to a set of six additional wicker pieces.  As I riffled through my pocket,  I could barely get the moe out fast enough. Jennifer graciously  offered to haul the MOTHER LOAD home for me. Her pick-up truck was stuffed full,  from top to bottom!! That's when I realized I love and adore this wonderful lady . . . We had the giggles as we drove away . . .



Grain sack 009 


After further inspection I realized the paint was original.   My thoughts were to paint or not to paint ????

I finally decided the chair needed a fresh coat of paint.  I custom mixed Oil based raw umber thinned with paint thinner.




Grain sack 004


My creative friend Jennifer collects & sells antiques and mentioned that she had a European 1956 antique grain sack,  surprisingly she loaned it to me. You can probably guess where it ended up ??????



Grain sack 001


The wear on the grain sack makes it so charming !!! It’s ONE-OF-A-KIND. . .



Grain sack 005


The woven reed on the wicker is all intact.




Grain sack 006


I was able to use the whole grain sack for this reversible stylish cushion(with a zipper)!



Grain sack 003



Happy Monday Everyone !!



  1. Gorgeous! love it! and Love Jen. she is the best! Very creative. Stunning chair. lulu

  2. What a treasure!!

    Thanks for visiting Bright, Bold, and Beautiful today ~~

    xoxo Laura

  3. My goodness that is one stunning chair - divine!! x

  4. OMG love the grain sack pillow on the wicker chair. What a find! I need to start looking for a grain sack!


  5. Oh, such fun! That chair would fit in perfectly in my home. :) Thanks for sharing!



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