Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Calming Beach Crib


This sunny beach house is a weekend getaway for my clients. The sophisticated palette features soft blues and buttery yellow. The large lower windows have electric roll down shades, for light and privacy control. I’m tellin’ya they are fun to play with. The upper windows will receive tinted film. My client and I discussed dressing the windows with elegant custom cornice and sheers, over the shades to soften, to the tune of $1,945 for cornice and $1,400 for the sheers. OUCH  . . . . They opted to sit on that . . .



Ventura Keys 010 


  French doors lead out to the spacious deck and marina!!! Note the plank ceiling . . . .



Ventura Keys 009



Wowza! Sailing what a blast . . . .



Ventura Keys 023




  1. gorgeous home! makes me want to get to the the ceilings..lulu

  2. Wow. Stunning place. I wouldn't mind being there right now.

    Love the music too. One of my favorites.

  3. Absolutely stunning, Laurie, and look at that view!


  4. Laurie,
    You're amazing! I need your help! Will contact you next week. Need to know your current turnaround time.
    Sara B


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