Thursday, January 28, 2010

Foyer Reveal


I designed these three mirrors to hang,  with each frame touching. This gives the illusion of a faux window. They bring tremendous light into this dark foyer!

Let the sun shine in . . .


foyer re


Please excuse the dark photos,  I took the photos on a (much needed) rainy day.

Love the scroll work on this Antique iron console !!! It’s a keeper . . .


 foyer reveal retouch  



A wide natural burlap ribbon used around the pottery adds texture!



foyer reveal 004



Yummy fresh elements in my vignettes . . . .

 The fresh oranges add a punch of color . . . .Fresh squeezed anyone ???



foyer reveal 016






foyer reveal 013


This white Cymbidium orchid is one of the most SPECTAULAR, I’ve ever seen !!! I incorporated the “drapey” moss for extra visual interest.



foyer reveal 011



I have a pet peeve about using artificial  flowers in any shape or form . This “drapey” moss is the enemy, silk!



foyer reveal 012


   Rich Carrera marble is timeless! :-) Doesn’t she have nice legs ???






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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Calming Beach Crib


This sunny beach house is a weekend getaway for my clients. The sophisticated palette features soft blues and buttery yellow. The large lower windows have electric roll down shades, for light and privacy control. I’m tellin’ya they are fun to play with. The upper windows will receive tinted film. My client and I discussed dressing the windows with elegant custom cornice and sheers, over the shades to soften, to the tune of $1,945 for cornice and $1,400 for the sheers. OUCH  . . . . They opted to sit on that . . .



Ventura Keys 010 


  French doors lead out to the spacious deck and marina!!! Note the plank ceiling . . . .



Ventura Keys 009



Wowza! Sailing what a blast . . . .



Ventura Keys 023



Monday, January 25, 2010

Church Rummage Sale


Early one Saturday morning my good friend Jennifer and I found this charming wicker chair,  belonging to a set of six additional wicker pieces.  As I riffled through my pocket,  I could barely get the moe out fast enough. Jennifer graciously  offered to haul the MOTHER LOAD home for me. Her pick-up truck was stuffed full,  from top to bottom!! That's when I realized I love and adore this wonderful lady . . . We had the giggles as we drove away . . .



Grain sack 009 


After further inspection I realized the paint was original.   My thoughts were to paint or not to paint ????

I finally decided the chair needed a fresh coat of paint.  I custom mixed Oil based raw umber thinned with paint thinner.




Grain sack 004


My creative friend Jennifer collects & sells antiques and mentioned that she had a European 1956 antique grain sack,  surprisingly she loaned it to me. You can probably guess where it ended up ??????



Grain sack 001


The wear on the grain sack makes it so charming !!! It’s ONE-OF-A-KIND. . .



Grain sack 005


The woven reed on the wicker is all intact.




Grain sack 006


I was able to use the whole grain sack for this reversible stylish cushion(with a zipper)!



Grain sack 003



Happy Monday Everyone !!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foyer Face Lift

This entry foyer is in our home.  The walls are painted a soft neutral shade, by Glidden paint,  Bonjour Beige.  This antique console will soon be joined with three modern horizontal mirrors hung above it. I love mixing modern elements with antiques!


fine grains 009


My husband has two assistants,  myself and our English Chocolate Labrador,Titus!

Doesn’t he look like a puppy??? He is five years old, I think his Botox is working!  :-)




The three mirrors we will use were meant to hang vertical.  Although the console wasn’t wide enough to accommodate the mirrors,  instead we will hang them on the horizontal.  That will require moving the brackets on the backside of the mirrors.




Where is a Snap-On tool, when you need one ???


changing brackets


Titus has a good eye for details too !!





This is our trusty Makita cordless drill, this tool has been our faithful friend twenty years of home reno’s !!!!!!!!





To be continued !!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010



My dear friend Jennifer and I put our favorite fabrics together to create this beautiful antique collection.  Each stocking is hand made one of a kind design,  their are no two exactly alike.


We were a little late in posting the stockings for the holidays. But were receiving requests well into January.  So I decided to share them with you!

Jennifer you are an absolute joy to work with,  full of loving kindness.  You exude warmth,  tenderness,  compassion,  and love. I value,  and  appreciate your friendship!  Ok, enough gushing about Jennifer.





Magnificent Kitchen Reno

At first glance,  you will notice the spindle pole,  a decor sign reminiscent of 1960’s.  Seen below are the before photos of this cozy kitchen reno !!   Our dear friends Tim & Kristin hired me to assist them through the process!

Kitchen 003

After collaborating with the kitchen designer at Home Depot,  my clients and I designed  a new kitchen layout.  The proposed kitchen to include custom-built cabinets w/carved details,  granite countertops,  stone floors, travertine backsplash, Kenmore stainless steel appliances, two hanging pendants over the peninsula,  etc!
In the beginning, there was dust!

Kitchen 002

Breaking out of your decor comfort zone, you can start by incorporating different textures, which can be intimidating and scary at first.  One way of adding texture, is seen below with this random pattern stone - this stone is great for areas like the kitchen.


This stunning granite color combination of neutrals, such as, browns and tans, results in warmth that is certain to carry you through years of  yumminess!!!

 granite 001

This  travertine backsplash, when paired with the granite, is a perfect match!


Beautiful craftsmanship on the custom cabinets !!!

granite 003

A hidden surprise --   Brilliant use of space!!!

Spice Rack

Oil-rubbed bronze hardware!!!

 granite 005

I just love the cozy feeling of a window above the sink to peer out!  Notice how the sink cabinet looks like a piece of furniture!!!! Unseen, but sooo great, self-closing cabinet drawers.

Mahawk Kitchen

Kitchen before appliance install and wall paint.
Floor and blacksplash 002

Note intricate detailing on carved corbels supporting peninsula.
Island Detail

Waiting for loving touches!
 Floor and blacksplash 012

After appliances and merchandising    We found some unique antique items at Agoura Antique Mart. 
Picture 004

  Halleluiah!  At last, A MAGNIFICENT KITCHEN IS BORN!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Make it personal with photos

Happy New Year,  special thanks to everyone for stopping by to visit my blog.  I really appreciate your support!

This personal photo grouping can be achieved by selecting your favorite frame style,  black/white or color photos.  There are many postings about photo walls, be creative and have fun!