Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet the designer

The old saying, “it’s in the blood,” sure applies to me.  My mom (who lives to redo) tells me I was no more than three years old when she gave me a dollhouse.  Some of the rooms were painted on the walls as were the curtains, etc.  No problem, I re-painted the walls with my watercolor paint set, and cut and pasted scraps of fabric for the curtains, etc.  Now on to the furniture, which I made out of cardboard and endlessly rearranged. 

   Laurie Blaswich is the visionary behind the Ventura County based Bella Inspirations – a design consulting business with sensible home makeovers.  Some of my projects include a casual beach house in Ventura Keys CA, furniture placement from an itsy first home to an expansive  custom  home in North Ranch CA.   

   Along the way, I have been assisted by my loyal, loving husband, Robert.  From our first apartment to the countless homes my husband and I have rehabbed/decorated, his comment is always, “Are we done yet?”  Of course, we are NEVER done!   

  Contact me directly if you would like to discuss your specific project.

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